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Morning all. I wanted to take a few minutes to express my feelings of the unrest in Egypt and the example it is providing to the world. This is what needs to happen if the people in a country want change and are ignored. The citizens of Egypt have tired of having the same ruling party for the last 30 years or so and are demanding freedom and democracy, as they should. In this example we didn’t need to see another country, such as the United States, occupy their country and force change as the people are doing it for themselves. Yes it can be brutal at times, yes there will be lives lost, but to achieve freedom and liberty, this is what sometimes must happen. The United States was founded through a violent and extended war with the ruling party at the time. Not because the people were evil but because they decided that their liberty was worth fighting for.

The United States can learn a lesson from this. In my opinion this is what should be allowed to happen in any country that is oppressed, as only through true revolution can the people teach their leaders the valuable lesson that the country belongs to the citizens, not a small group of rich and powerful elitists. In any democracy, the government should always fear and respect the power of the people more so than the other way around. When other countries try to force this change, as the United States has tried to do, you do not achieve the same results because the people of that country have not gone through the noble battle themselves. If you don’t believe me, look at Iraq. Yes, it’s definitely a little better than when Saddam was in charge but does anyone doubt that once the U.S. presence is completely gone that there will be major unrest?

I pray for the people of Egypt and wish them the best of luck in their quest for democracy. They should be proud of themselves for showing that liberty is worth their sweat, blood and tears and through this process is the only true way to establish it. Nothing is a better expression of liberty than the public flexing its power outside the constraints of laws written by the minority. The minority doesn’t rule, the majority does.


Hello all. Yesterday I started to take a look at the concept of freedom and wanted to expand on some of my thoughts. In my previous blog I was trying to raise a few eyebrows by giving examples of the barometer of freedom that exists in this country. I thought that I would continue along those lines by wondering out loud against a few things. So here we are, United States citizens proud of the freedoms we have. What are those freedoms producing in the real world though? Let me explain a little. Currently, if you were to leave this page right now and go to virtually any news site you would see articles that allow comments by the people who read them. I challenge anyone out there to find me one that doesn’t have comments filled with hate, racism, and discrimination across the board depending on the article’s subject. Now I am certainly not saying in any way that people shouldn’t have their right to free speech, even if it is offensive. At the same time though, a person has to wonder when trudging through this hateful mess what we are becoming as a society. When we look at ourselves as a country and a race, should we not have a higher standard we try to hold ourselves to? I’m sure most of you would say that we should, but simultaneously most of you would agree that we are not and what is happening in reality is what counts right?

So what has to happen for the people in this country to start actually caring about each other again? I do not mean in the sense that we are all forced to be a big family because liberty and independence are the most important values in our society and we should not have to be forced to join up with someone we have no interest in getting to know or having involvement with. The point I am more interested in bringing up is what do we think the right way for human beings to be related to each other in a society? Is it the way it currently is, where we have great freedom and opportunity to excel as individuals but those who do not excel often become a burden to those who do? Or should we be trying to work as a team?

I know that seems like a simplistic question but you have to look at it on a deeper level. We all exist on the same land in the same country and in the same system of government, a system that is breaking under the weight of our behaviors and actions. I personally want to see this country return to the levels of greatness we once had but I find it hard to believe it can happen when the people residing here have such disdain for each other that the concept of working together is almost incomprehensible. So I wonder, have we reached a point, as a race or a country where we should just start letting the chips fall where they may? If you are a success, more power to you, and if you fail and wind up on the street, then leave you there? Most would probably say no but at the same time wouldn’t be willing to work for their hard-earned money and then give it away to someone who is a failure.

I’m getting a little long-winded here but if you enjoyed this post please read the next one, discussing social services, as it is related to this one closely. We had an interesting debate on this topic in one of my classes the other day and I would like your opinions.Cya gang

Hi all. I just finished watching the repeat of the State of the Union address from last night (I had school while it was on) and wanted to express a few thoughts on some of what was said. The meat of the speech, at least from my perspective, was centered around what America needs to do to become more competitive in the world again and to get the jobs back in the country. There were other topics obviously but this is the one I would like to focus on. Surprisingly enough, Obama was actually dead on as far as the job problem goes. Countries like China and India are producing better educated youth and when that is added to their obviously cheaper labor, you wind up with a situation where the jobs are drawn there. He also made a point about how a steel mill used to employ 1000 people but due to new technology that has been developed they now need only 100, another problem. Sadly though, I found his responses to these problems lacking and shortsighted.

Obama feels we need to “work harder” and “out-innovate” the rest of the world and the fact that these are some of his solutions shows how truly against the American people he and all the other leaders are. Do any of us think that China and India are going to stop swallowing up jobs, and companies are going to stop moving employees there when they can pay them less?? Let’s be honest here folks. The biggest problem with the job situation in this country is FUCKING GREED plain and simple. These jobs were moved overseas for what reason? More money!! They aren’t moving jobs to China or India for their great healthcare systems or great living conditions and no matter what the United States innovates, the greedy corporations that are eating this country like a cancer will always send the jobs right out of the country if it will make them a few dollars. The reason I say the leadership is “against” us is that they are all in these corporations pocket. Senators and congressmen are invested in the very companies that move the jobs out, and if the company is saving money by doing so, then the very people who are trying to keep the jobs here WILL MAKE MORE MONEY OFF THEIR STOCK IF THE JOBS LEAVE!! Dont we the people see the problem here?

The people in power know this, they’re not stupid, yet they think we are. They try to convince the public that there are reasons other than corporate greed and their connections to them for the job problems we have. If they really cared about us that much, they would impose a high enough tariff on imported goods that it would make it more profitable for companies to do their work here, but they staunchly refuse. Why would they do anything that would benefit the people over their corporate buddies who they are getting rich with? It’s just ridiculous. The only thing more crazy than this is the fact that people listen to this drivel and continue to take it.

I’ll wrap this up by saying this (Ill rant about the rest of the speech another day), the people in this country need to break out of the brainwashing tactics (that’s exactly what they are) and look at the facts. The facts are money is what drives both our leaders and corporate America. As long as both the companies and our leaders continue to benefit by us struggling, as they are right now, they will NEVER change things to benefit us. Think about it and wake up people…

Morning everybody. I’m back from vacation and thought Id think out loud about a question that is becoming more relative every day that passes in this country. I am a philosophy major and lately we have been discussing levels of freedom. I thought I would expand on the thinking styles that are out there and see what my few readers think. Many see freedom as a God-given right, something that we all deserve and are entitled to upon being born. The question though is this… much freedom should one have in this society? The thinking goes from one end of the spectrum to the other. On one end, the farthest to the left, we have chaos. Freedom that is all-encompassing and allows anyone to do anything regardless of the effect it has on themselves and more importantly, other people. I think  most of us agree that pure anarchy would be too much freedom. I don’t think any of my readers would agree that we should be allowed to do anything we want, no matter what, with no rules and regulations to speak of. That would be complete madness and with no law, most would agree society would suffer horribly. As we continue from left to right on an imaginary line representing the levels of possible freedom, we come closer to what would be considered the “Libertarian” style of thinking. This is the first point in the line that is actually a possibility. Though I don’t speak for the political views of every Libertarian out there, generally their thinking is maximum personal freedom, as long as it doesn’t affect other people. For example I think most Libertarians would agree that both marijuana and prostitution should be legal, as they see these as personal choices that affect no one but themselves. They do not believe that moral enforcement, using the law to enforce morality, should be taking place.

 A true expression of Libertarianism is the following statement by John Stewart Mills, the 1860’s British philosopher who stated “The only reason a civilized community would force someone to do or not do something is if that person is harming others through their actions.Even if you believe their mortal soul is doomed if he doesn’t stop, you cannot force someone, unless it is for the protection of the community”. This is referred to in philosophical circles as the Harm Principle.

Now as we go farther to the right we start to see the Harm Principle enforced for moral effects as well. This is when you start to head toward a communist type thinking. Morality starts to merge with law and you start to see things that are dubbed “immoral” made illegal. Enforcement of morality becomes more important than freedom.When you get to the farthest point to the right, its pure fascism and people become only smaller parts of the state, nothing more and all points of morality and law merge.

The reason I wanted to go over that is I am wondering what the true state of the United States is these days.Im sure many of you would say “That’s a dumb question, we’re obviously free”. Well, yes in many ways we are free but in some cases, such as prostitution and marijuana (two of the most relatable examples) we have merged morality and law. Prostitution is not illegal because it’s hurting those who ARENT participating in it. It’s illegal because we deem it immoral, therefore illegal, a very communistic view. As time is passing in this country consider the following. It is pretty much known that our government monitors most email that goes over the internet for “security” purposes. If you think they don’t you’re a fool. What this means is they are taking away your right in the name of the “greater good”. Again, a communistic type action. This also takes place at airports, where your bags are searched with no probable cause in the name of “protecting” others. A violation of your freedom to protect others, even when you’ve done nothing to make anyone think you plan to do something evil.

To wrap this up let me just say this. Our government, as time passes. is moving us closer and closer to the right side, the communistic/fascist side of this line. I’m not saying their ultimate goal is fascism but people need to start being aware of the facts of whats going on. A spade is a spade, no matter how you portray it, and many of our citizens these days are so easily manipulated that the rest of us can’t help but feel they are just being indoctrinated into nothing more than “parts of the state”, which is a major sign of fascism.Think about it. Facts are facts. Wake up a little bit people and question things sometimes.

Hi all. Just wanted to let my few loyal readers know that Im on a mini vacation this week and wont be posting for a few days but return next week and we’ll get going again on spreading some truth. Thanks as always.


Good morning folks. I had to take the time this morning to quickly write about one of the most reprehensible stories I have read in a long time. Many of you may have seen the story on CNN, Fox or other news outlets. It concerns how the U.S. government is financially going after the spouses of deceased war veterans to make them pay back life insurance they received from their spouses after they passed on, all because they made the decision to remarry after becoming a widow or widower. The story entailed the situation of one Freda Green. Seven years after her husband’s death, a man who was a 33 year veteran of the Air Force, the Korean War, and of Vietnam in 2003, she says the U.S. Defense Department is demanding she repay more than $41,000 in benefits the government shelled out as part of an insurance policy he paid into. Keep in mind his death was from heart and lung issues that were deemed military-related by the government. The benefits she received were the result of a supplemental policy he paid into in order to secure the benefits for his wife after he passed on.

Whats at issue here is the fact that she remarried and in some cases, if the spouse of a deceased military person remarried some else who is in the military they can be collecting two sets of benefits and the Pentagon doesn’t want that happening. I see this as a ridiculous and insulting action by our government. Those that served in Vietnam had no choice, because a draft was in existence during that war, than to risk their lives for their country. On top of that many of them paid their own hard-earned money (and it doesn’t get much harder earning money than being in a war!) to ensure the well-being of their spouses and now the government is going to garnish their spouses wages to get it back?? A Pentagon statement claimed that if this is allowed it will cost the government 600 million dollars a year. Big freaking deal folks. Our leadership pisses away that much money every year on so many worthless pork projects that for them to suddenly be concerned about it when its going to perhaps the most noble of all the people in this country is the lowest of the low. Want to save 600 million dollars? Quit landing satellites on comets when we need the money here. Build one less military base somewhere, we have over a thousand worldwide.

Now there are congressmen, specifically one from california, working to pass legislation to stop this terrible policy but it should never have happened in the first place. For all of you out there who love your government, ask yourself this….if youre willing to go kill people because they tell you to, willing to risk your life to defend this great nation and they’re still trying to rip you off what does that say about how they look at you? To me it says that when you give your blood to defend this country, the fat cats getting rich in offices in Washington could care less as long as it doesn’t cost them too much. A truly sad story. The link to the actual story is below. have a good one.

For awhile now many have labeled the media sources in this country as no longer unbiased and many, like myself, have gone as far as to label them mouthpieces of the respective parties they support. I have also written on the level of hate that exists is this country between political beliefs and thought I would give an example. I went to FoxNews, CNN and MSNBC websites and popped up articles about Sarah Palin. I used Mrs. Palin because articles about her are usually commented on at a heavy rate. I’m going to pastes some off the comments people have put in about the article and each other and then reflect on the hatred that fills this country. After seeing these comments, it definitely made me a little less surprised about the recent shooting spree.


“Me, Me, MEEEEE!!!” Look at me, I’m Half-Governor Sarah Palin, Lord of Toddlers & Tiaras. Guardian of everything Wild West and Blood Libel. Reload and meet me at the credit card machine. I am not a witch.

“Gee do ya think the “Safari Club” is really going to appreciate her FAKE Reality Show! Do they know it took her five(5) shots to bring down an elk. Yup… she sure is an outdoorsie woman … not. She looked about as at ease and comfortable in her outdoor activities as my 82yo mother would.”

I know she’s as dumb as a bag of sawdust, but what about the people organizing these speeches, and the people willing to part with their money to listen to her?!

BOOOOOOOOO PALIN… Let’s hope she gets heckled and booed off the stage. Dumb racist right-wing nutter.

For the love of god what does this woman have to say or do for us to forget she exists? She’s a first class narcissistic liar and lowest form of life!!!! She is already starting to look like she had plastic surgery so do we have to wait until she looks like a freaking freak inside and out? She is toast. Enough¡!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so as we can see, CNN readers really don’t like Palin. I think I found one comment out of hundreds that was in support of her. That being said, CNN is definitely closer to the left than the right so it isn’t very surprising. Lets move on.


I wonder if the dems are listening to what is going on here to Palin. Lets see if the dems practice what they preach !!!! They want a law passed if you threaten a government official it is a crime & taken seriously. Don’t drop the ball dems just because it is a Republican.
Sarah Palin’s speech was just right. Only the ignorant or blind do not understand why she said what she said when she said it. She represents my voice and when the Left attacked her they attacked all that she represents in addition to every civilian that has engaged in political discourse over the last several years. It needed to be said and whether you agree with her or not she still Rocks! Palin 2012!!
Silly people. According to the hate-America scum – er, I mean Liberal Democrats, it’s perfectly fine to spew death threats toward any non-liberal. THAT’S just “free speech. But if you talk about freedom and liberty and the constitution or especially the 2nd amendment, well, that’s “vitriolic and violent incitement” and should be banned.
Ya know, all you spewing leftys need to man up, you are all a bunch of children. when you were
younger did your mamas not tell you that sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Talk is just exactly that, talk. When people take action like this left-wing nut job, ya gotta figure that the elevator doesn’t go to the top floor anyway. which brings to mind the fact that the left is into recruiting this guys type, he’s not all there, easy to persuade to think their way, and all he amounted to in their eyes is another vote.
Ok, so there’s the FoxNews comments. Pretty much the exact opposite of the CNN ones. Think about what you just saw. The comments from both websites are about the same person, but they are split to extreme opposites depending on which site you go to. What this says and shows to me is that these two sites are reporting facts on the person in question in very different ways. That is scary because they both claim to be fair and unbiased news channels but if that was the case you wouldn’t see the attitudes of the comments split so drastically. Sure, there are going to be fans and haters but if they were providing unbiased reporting then we would see the split of comment attitude together on one page, with both sides being represented on each page but these comments obviously prove that each site is attracting a certain side with their reporting leaning in that side’s direction.
In conclusion, Im sure many of you already know what I just went over but I thought I’d take a look at it. Cya later all

Hi folks. I was doing some reading on the recent tax hike in Illinois, a hike that many see as an unfair attempt to force the citizens of the state to bear the burden for the mistakes of our politicians and I found an interesting angle I wanted to talk about. The articles I read had an underlying tone I found interesting. I was able to find quote after quote from business leaders and politicians in neighboring states such as Wisconsin and Indiana that seemed quite pleased about the hike. I don’t believe it’s because they want the citizens of our state to get screwed but more because they believe it will convince both businesses and citizens that are able to jump across the border for a better deal. I personally live near the Illinois border, only about 15 miles from it and I can tell you that while I attend school (I am a full-time student) I am definitely trying to find a job in the neighboring state as opposed to Illinois. Yes I may have to drive a little farther but at the same time, simply on the issue of principle, I would much rather make that drive than be taken advantage of by my states often corrupt and incompetent leaders.

“We won’t be the only ones coming to poach companies out of your state, and I guess we’ll be well-received by frustrated firms there,” said Indiana Commerce Secretary Mitch Roob.

Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels joked that having Illinois as a neighbor “is like living next door to ‘The Simpsons,’ you know, the dysfunctional family down the block” during a chat this week on the Don Wade & Roma morning show on WLS-AM 890.

And newly elected Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is dusting off a tagline from a previous tourism campaign, “Escape to Wisconsin,” and aiming it at Illinois businesses. “Little did we know a vote in Springfield would create an opening for me to speed up being aggressive,” he said in an interview.

These are all prime examples of what I believe is going to be a serious, negative business related effect of this hike. No, I don’t believe companies will be fleeing in droves but at the same time I won’t be surprised if companies that are near the border decide they can jump across the border to save their companies a few dollars. Parts of the Chicago suburbs are not far at all from Indiana. Rockford IL, though not an economically strong city, is only a few miles from the Wisconsin border and the area I live in is just a 20 minute drive from St Louis MO. These are reasons, I believe, that not only will Illinois lose some business over this irresponsible decision, but also lose some workers. Times are tough these days. Fuel costs are high as well as costs rising in other areas. With this being said, it will inevitably make sense for some citizens to work right across the border if they are able to. On top of that, during a time when unemployment is high, what are the chances that businesses are going to be adding employees now that their taxes just went up? Not likely, especially when many of them have locations outside the state. If a regional type business has offices or locations in Indiana AND Illinois, located in the vicinity of the border, which locations will be more likely to add an employee or two this year? Probably not the location that just had a tax hike, as both the businesses and potential employees will benefit more jumping right across the border.

 Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn defended a massive increase in state income taxes passed by lawmakers Wednesday and promised to quickly sign the measure to help heal the state’s ailing finances.

“It’s important for their state government not to be a fiscal basket case,” Quinn told reporters outside his Capitol office.

This statement shows why Pat Quinn is a moron and obviously is out of touch with his constituents. Taxes being raised does not change the behavior of state leaders, past and present. In predictably simplistic and shortsighted fashion, this states leaders figure it’s not a problem that many of them are corrupt and mismanaging our funds, in their warped reality the problem is not enough extra money to cover them when they screw it all up. I truly hope the people of this fine state DO move across borders and out of this poor excuse for a state. I have numerous friends who will be leaving in the near future and though this isn’t the only reason for their desire to move, it definitely helped finalize their decision.

Illinois is well on its way to becoming a burned out, empty state with little opportunity for its citizens and hopefully one day we will be able to elect some real leaders who will not destroy everything as our current corrupt (Chicago mayor Richard Daley, former Gov Rod Blagojevich) and incompetent (Gov. Pat Quinn and yes former Senator Barrack Obama) leadership has.

Hi all. Well looks like the cowards over at Westboro Baptist have shown their true colors. They had planned to picket the funeral of the 9-year-old girl killed in the Tucson shooting but with all the expected people coming there to protest them, they decided to take an offer of some air time on the radio in exchange for not coming. Let me be among the many to say, first off, what a bunch of spineless lowlifes these guys are. If they truly believed in their cause they wouldn’t be scared off, but as we all know, they don’t. As a bunch of attention whores, they only care about causing pain to those too weak or otherwise distracted to defend themselves. Now, with the nations spotlight on them we do exactly what you would expect from a bunch of people who support the murder of innocent people for their own cause, they run  away with their cowardly tails between their legs. Good for the people of Tucson for turning on the light and watching these cockroaches scatter away under the furniture as the filthy blasphemers they are.

Looking at their history of picketing on their website, there is a definite pattern showing that they are really just a bunch of cowardly fanatics so remember people, if your can just get a group together in your town to oppose them , they will run back to their hole crying for their mommies.

I’ll wrap this up by including the e-letter I sent them on their website. I hope many of you take the time to let them know how you feel as well. They are too flaccid to respond but it’s still a worthwhile effort. My letter is childish but I just wanted to mess with them. They deserve no real respect or treatment.

Well, looks like you cowards and misrepresenters of God’s word chickened out on Tucson huh? What happened? I though you guys were dedicated to spreading the word of God even in the face of adversity? Were the big, bad people gonna yell at you? Awwww did they hurt your feewings…..hahaha man you guys are pathetic.

Let me note I could care less if you lose any sleep over my statements. Obviously when people write you, it does make you lose sleep. If it didn’t you wouldn’t have bothered to make a point of saying it doesn’t at the bottom of your home page, dedicating a specific article to stating that, you would just ignore it and not lose sleep right?

Just wanted to drop you morons a line to say hello, since you cowards have run away while wetting yourselves I guess we wont get the chance to say hello in person. Then again I guess I should be more surprised you guys even show up sometimes than by you backing out in the spineless fashion were seeing now. I mean, if I was undeniably wrong about so many things, and had as many horrible people who hate God in my so-called church, I wouldn’t show up anywhere with em either.

One more thing……be honest guys. It’s obvious that the reason you hate gays so much is, well, youre gay. Its self loathing but you need to understand that its ok. We wont cast you out for the gay sex you enjoy having so be open!! Dont hate yourself…..theres plenty of us doing that for you. Cya

Hi everybody. Just wanted to jump on this evening and make a few points about the recent events that transpired in Tucson and the after effect on both Sarah Palin and the government as a whole.

We’ll do Palin first. She is in full damage control now and to be honest, I don’t feel very sorry for her. She has been quick to attack the “toxic” rhetoric used against her in the past, saying it has no place in politics yet now in the aftermath of this tragedy, she releases a YouTube statement saying that the very rhetoric she has called a low blow in the past has always been going on and no one should be held to task for it. This is yet another example of a politician or political hopeful openly being hypocrites without even trying to hide it. She is quick to mention your first amendment rights but when these rights were being used against her politically she couldn’t go one day without complaining about how unfair they were and how they had no place in politics. When her opponents brought up her family, something that is well within their first amendment rights to do, she called it a low blow and said it had nothing to do with politics. Now, though, its ok because an incident of her using questionable rhetoric is being thrown in her face.

Let’s be honest here. Again I state that Sarah Palin and anything she said or says has nothing to do with the shooting. It was a case of a disturbed person lashing out at the world. No one, Democrat or Republican was the driving force behind this act. The funny thing is though, now we all get to watch our leaders and the media sources aligned with them on each side, dance around like puppets, doing their best to look like they are taking the high ground as they politicize the shooting in their attacks on the other side politicizing the shooting! Anyone else see the stupidity here?

The really scary thing , though, is this. We all can see what they each are trying to do yet despite the fact it’s so plainly obvious, the vast majority of sheep/people who hear it will actually fall for it! When Rush Limbaugh spends a half hour ranting about how the Democrats are out of line for attacking Palin for her rhetoric, at the same time repeating his view that they are using the shooting as a political tool, and then the VERY NEXT DAY he spends half his show saying the Democrats SUPPORT THE SHOOTING??? That statement is him blatantly using something as a political tool that 24 hours earlier he was criticising others for using as a political tool. F@#$ing hypocrite!

Now here at, when I say I am fair and balanced, unlike FoxNews I mean it. The Democrats side of the fence has been no better. I looked at the now infamous “bullseye” map on Palin’s page. It’s a picture of the United States with crosshairs painted over the districts she was referring to as winnable political targets. The map I saw had no individual picture of a person, just targets over the districts in question. The fact that the Democrats would try to connect Palin to this shooting in a negative way, or try to fault her for it is both ridiculous and, honestly, kind of makes them look like they are so afraid of her that they’ll do anything to slander her.

So in conclusion, I hope what you’ve been able to take from this blog is the following; All of our leaders should be ashamed of themselves for not only politicizing a tragedy that claimed the life of an innocent 9-year-old child, but for both trying to blame the others for doing it and in the process of making the accusations, doing exactly what they are accusing the other side of. It’s right there in front of your eyes people. Wake up.