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Hi gang. I wanted to voice a few opinions on Iran this morning that I feel are relative. Fueled partly by the example set in Egypt and partly by their tiring of being oppressed, the people of Iran have begun to protest. For me, what I saw next is more of a reason to intervene in the Iran situation than anything nuclear related. I, personally, believe that every human being on this planet has natural human rights(I don’t say God-given because I am not a Christian). For me personally, to see lawmakers openly chanting for the execution of the leadership of the Iran protesters is something worth defending people against. Could you imagine if a protest was held here in the Untied States, and even if there was some violence involved in it, turning on your T.V. and seeing the members of Congress chanting for the execution of the protests organizers?

I’m not saying that violence in protest is acceptable and that there should not be a penalty for inciting such acts, but when the people are oppressed, regularly having basically no civil rights, and when they act out because of this oppression they are to be killed like a stray dog that bit someone? No group of leaders should have the right to just decide on the spot to execute the citizens. I usually do not believe in intervention in other countries affairs but I feel we, in this case, have a moral obligation to not allow free protesters to be murdered because they oppose a government that is clearly oppressive. Women have basically no rights in Iran, and speaking out against the government is punishable by death. In 2011 we as a race should be above such barbaric actions.

Again, I’m not trumpeting an invasion of Iran over this, I’m just making the point that if there is going to be intervention from one country to another, this is a prime example of having just cause. The case of a nuclear plant, though it could be far more damaging than just a few lives, has not happened yet and is not guaranteed to lead to a bad result, however likely it may be. People being executed and treated like slaves or animals IS happening right now as we speak and I feel as a country we should be strongly against this kind of uncivilized, barbaric, unevolved behavior.


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