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Hey everybody, just finished some more schoolwork so i figured Id comment on the event for a minute. Donald Trump was quite entertaining but him for President??LOL… It always makes me chuckle watching the latest herd of presidential wannabees, whether they are democrats or republicans, rant and rave about all the things the current president has done wrong and how they would easily solve all the problems. Yet he we are heading for the 45th president and look at all the problems that exist. Obviously there’s always going to be problems but its kind of funny (to me at least) that we hear such guarantees of how easy it will be each time presidential hopefuls start to get going, only to see the same 3 or 4 issues always remain the main ones.

The CPAC convention usually holds a small poll which was won last year by Ron Paul and again this year by Mr Paul. Considering he didn’t even come close to winning the nomination last year, his victory this year probably doesn’t mean much yet but I suppose we will see.

I found it somewhat interesting that Sarah Palin, probably the loudest voice as far as exposure in the vote received only 3 percent of the vote leaving her with a 9th place finish among the annual conservative convention. Granted, Mrs Palin didn’t attend the event, and that may be the reason for her finishing behind a few conservatives I would think she would usually be ahead of.

 I am not a Democrat or a Republican. I find that I have views on both sides of the aisle depending on the topic and don’t agee enough with either side to align myself with one party. From an outside view though, I can’t say I saw one speaker there who I felt has a legitimate chance to beat Obama when he runs again(im assuming he runs for a second term.)

Out of the bigger names, I think you can cross Palin and Newt Gingrich off the list immediately. I feel they are both far too polarizing to ever gain enough of a majority to upend Obama. Ron Paul has some good ideas but his ideas would involve massive change in the way the country does business(defense spending significantly cut and a more non-interventionalist view as a foreign policy) and I find it hard to believe the corporate influences in this country wouldn’t fight his nomination to the death. Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee are the only other names in this poll that I feel most Americans would recognize. Knowledgable political people and followers would recognize former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty or former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, but the average American, who just clicks on their cable box or their internet news pages a few times a day probably barely know who they are.

I think Romney would have a tough time because of his health care plan he designed for his state being pretty much exactly what Obama wants and also his Mormon beliefs. I have nothing against Mormons but doubt one could get elected(sorry, just how I feel, this is a Christian country). That just leaves Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor. His preacher background could help him relate to the country and he has political experience as well. He is also the main one on this list that I think is the least offensive and most likeable to the masses. Again just my opinion though and I welcome responses.


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