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Good morning. After having a heated debate with another blogger, one that I respect and consider a cyber friend, I thought I would deepen my thoughts on the topic that was behind my last post. I had written some things about a certain female citizen that used to be the governor of Alaska and how I thought she was politicizing the events in Egypt for her own gain. Though that was the topic of the previous blog, I was more interested in exploring what the U.S. role in Egypt and the governments transition should be. I got way off topic so I thought I would take the time to write about my thoughts on that.

Here is what role I think the United States should have in the choice of Egypt’s next government.None.Nada.Zip. This country sometimes scares me when we as a people seem to think we are so much more evolved and intelligent than the rest of the world that we can tell them what is best for them.Egypt is a sovereign nation. Their people, regardless of economic power or anything else, are exact equals to our people in their right to liberty and freedom. Just like the anger that would ensue here if we were pressured by another country to elect this person or that one, the people of Egypt, or any other country for that matter, have no obligation to give the slightest care to what we think about who they should elect.

Egypt has never attacked or threatened the United States. If they want to elect a group of extremists, which I truly hope they are smart enough not to, that is their right regardless of what we, as a country, think.People, as a race of beings, are equal in their right to liberty and personal choice and no one group of humans has lived so perfectly that they should have the right to pressure another group on how to live. There are literally hundreds of different religions and governments on this planet and right or wrong, each individual group has the right to make whatever choice they please, even if that choice is bad for them.

Now this doesn’t mean I don’t think we can have an opinion, we have that right, but I do not think we have the right to force that opinion on someone else.This is why I thought we were correct to attack Iraq the first time, as we were defending another country being invaded(Kuwait) but I thought we were out of line the second time.The second time we were deciding to use force to change a leader that we didn’t like, trust, and who we thought was dangerous to the region. I agree Saddam was dangerous, but if that was justified than it would be justified for us to attack North Korea, Venezuela, Iran, any country that has an anti American view, Mexico and numerous others whose beliefs and procedures we disagree with politically.

Before you jump me, hear me out. North Korea, Iran and Venezuela all have leadership that is anti-American. All three of those countries have large swaths of people who disagree with the way we live. Does that then mean that if they were to attack us they would be justified in doing so? Well why not? They disagree with us right?

Mexico is a dangerous, barely stable country right on our border. Their government is arguably less in control than the drug cartels there are, and they are an obvious threat to our national security by being such an uncontrolled country right on our border, but does that mean we should just annex them? No, because if the people want a free and stable government they have to fight for it, fight the way the people who founded this country did.

You see, that’s my point. We are all people on this planet and there are many different beliefs that exist and none has proven to be infallible. I love America, and think we do have the best system, possibly ever established, in the world. That being said though, China sees things very differently than we do, allows their people much less freedom than we do, so should we be forcing them to change? I don’t believe so.

So to wrap this up, when you see me be extremely harsh with certain politicians, it’s usually because I see them talking down to the rest of the world, as if the United States had been here for thousands of years and the world only existed because of us. Whether the people and the leaders of this country like it or not, we are no better or worse than anybody else in the rest of the world. We are all individuals and no one man has the right to tell another the right way to live, as living the “right” way always comes down to freedom and personal choice. Not everybody chooses what we do.


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