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Hi gang. I wanted to write this because of a recent conversation I had with someone who, even though I do not know personally, still comes across as a reasonably intelligent person. This person and I were debating (or about something I had said about a public figure. Without getting into all the details, my friend felt I was out of line for giving a harsh criticism of this public figure without providing links to supportive information, while I felt like this is my blog and like everyone else in this country, I have my opinions regardless of the amount of research I need to prove to anyone.

It wasnt a particularly friendly conversation between us but as I said, we seem to be of different sides of a coin on this one topic. It really got me thinking though, about how people in this country want to beat their chests proudly about their right to free speech, but then get offended when someone says something they don’t like. I was a little irritated with some of his statements,and the fact and way it was originally brought up to me showed that he was a little irritated by mine, but in the end we both were getting all of our information from news sources and other people we didn’t know personally and are not likely to ever meet. So as we sat and disagreed about this political figure, in truth, we were both just firing off things we had read and seen from other sources that were most likely bias towards our beliefs(not many of us get our news and such from people we disagree with right?). That being said, being logical, neither of us probably really has the truest form of the facts and its far more likely that the truth behind the topic we discussed was questionable from both of our sources.

This happens in news and politics quite a bit today. Some news organizations are with the Democrats while others are with the Republicans. Many of these news outlets, such as Fox and MSNBC, use people as “political contributors” to provide insight but very often, that insight is merely their politically biased opinion to the channel you’re watching. To give an example, you’re never going to see Newt Gingrich or Sarah Palin contributing to MSNBC the way they currently contribute to Fox, just like you’ll never see Bill Clinton contributing on Fox. So in the end, we’re never really getting the facts, just a bunch of opinions( when it comes to politics).

I wanted to make that point because if you read my blog regularly, while I’m not going to just make stuff up, much of what you will hear is my opinion and I feel no need to justify it beyond that, just as this Democrat or that Republican will never justify the many mischaracterizations they make about each other virtually every day. In the past few years I have seen reports claiming all kinds of ridiculous things ranging from a health care bill that will have “death panels” to some idiot writing that Sarah Palin’s son isn’t really her son. I’m not going to hunt these people down and demand they change what they believe, I’m just not gonna agree with them and I hope in the future people will realize that when they read my blog. If that hurts my credibility in their eyes, then so be it, I don’t do this for the money or for the following. I do it for what I see the world as, just as those who disagree with me do it for their own reasons.

In the end though, if you werent there, watching real life with your own eyes, then ALL information you get is secondhand, meaning that some opinion gets lumped in along the way, some bias gets lumped in along the way and there are very few absolutes. People should rmember that when reading anything, including what I write.


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