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The world keeps on spinning. As the people of Egypt fight for their liberty and the right to choose their leadership, Sarah Palin once again is trying to use a serious situation as  a way to grow her own political influence. In recent days she has been negatively commenting on the idea that Washington is not telling the American people enough about what is going on and we should be doing more to be involved in who takes control. In typical fashion for Mrs. Palin,her ignorance shines through in her continued attempt to garner support for what everybody knows is a clown show type attempt at a presidential run by trying to politicize life being lost in a fight for the right to choose freely who leads that country.

Who is given the power in Egypt after recent events is up to nobody save the Egyptian people. What Sarah Palin, a failed politician who quit on her constituents and can only get her message out through ignorant and childish attacks on a social network page, thinks or says really has no bearing. Does Palin live in Egypt? Do the Egyptian people really want to be told who to elect by a woman who had to quit her public office due to literally dozens of ethics violations? Should other countries look at her cowardice in refusing to battle politically while in office, now choosing to just criticize those who have maintained their commitment to the offices they were elected to even through hard times, and demand she have no part in the leadership? Of course not. Who leads our country is up to the people, just like in Egypt. Sadly though, Mrs Palin continues to show why she has no chance of ever being elected by her continued proof of her lack of interest in anything but power and attention.

Obviously I am just one man with one opinion, and I’m sure there are plenty of brainless sheep out there who would exercise their right to disagree with me, but I personally wish that Palin would just shut up. If you want to be a TV reality star, go ahead. We’ll be happy to watch you take 9 or 10 shots to bring down whatever defenseless animal you’re shooting this week and listen to your shortsighted views on your personal version of Jersey Shore, or whatever other reality junk you want to call your show, but as far as politics go leave it to the elected officials. You do know what those are right? The people who, when elected, stay in their offices and fight for the people instead of running away crying foul as soon as the road gets rough.

This may seem like an attack and you know what, it is. I’ve grown more than tired seeing reports on legitimate( used loosely) news channels being about the opinion of one private citizen. That’s all you are now Mrs Palin, just like the rest of us. If you wanted to be involved in politics then maybe you shouldnt have quit on your constituents like a coward to fire salvos from a non political forum. Then again, maybe you can be elected President of Facebook. Or Twitter. I’m sure the minority that supports you on there will be happy to “like” you as much as you seem to want everybody too and based on your actions, that seems to be all you care about.


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