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Good morning. Today it was announced that Wikileaks has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Now any lawmaker can make this nomination so it’s not automatically a validation of their actions but at the same time it is telling. Its telling in the sense that many in the world view the organizations actions of revealing many of the U.S. governments actions behind closed doors an action in support of human rights. Our government was appalled by the releasing of many documents but as they rant and rave over how “appalled” they are, notice none of them will actually comment on what is in the documents. The reason for this is they can’t really deny these things have happened since these are THEIR documents. The cables have repeatedly shown violations of law and constant immoral and inappropriate behavior by members of our government. This doesn’t mean the whole government is bad, but what it does show is how there are many aspects of it acting independently and without knowledge of what the other aspects are doing. To me this is scary because this shows that various people in power are able to abuse the power they have and there are not checks and balances that stop them from acting on behalf of the entire government based on their own personal ideals.

One of the cables released recently shows that three men, with an odd connection to 9/11 are not even on the terror watch list despite their being evidence that they were involved in some way.

According to the cable, the three flew on British Airways on August 15, 2001, from London to the United States. Over the next nine days, they visited New York (including the World Trade Center and Statue of Liberty) as well as Virginia and Washington, with one stop being the White House.On August 24, 2001, al Alhajri, Abdulla and Alfehaid flew to Los Angeles, where they stayed in a motel.The three paid for the room in cash and told the motel staff they did not want housekeeping service, the ex-law enforcement official confirmed. When they checked out, they left behind pilots’ uniforms, paperwork containing pilots’ names and cardboard boxes that were addressed to Syria, Israel, Afghanistan and Jordan.Booked on a September 10, 2001, flight from Los Angeles to Washington, their flight, as well as hotel room, was paid for by “a convicted terrorist,” according to the WikiLeaks-released cable.But the three men never showed up for the flight.Had they, the three would have flown on American Airlines Flight 144 — the same plane hijacked the next day and flown into the Pentagon in northern Virginia.

So these guys had pilots uniforms and names, as well as tickets to fly on one of the planes that was hijacked, yet they aren’t on a terror watch list?

There’s an old saying that goes “when there’s smoke, there’s fire” that applies to much of what happened on 9/11 and this is further evidence of this. I’m not buying into one specific conspiracy theory or another, but at the same time its hard to believe that 10 years later there are still so many odd facts and unknown elements to this attack that has been investigated so thoroughly and that changed our countries behavior so much.

Let’s be realistic here. There is far too much evidence out there to logically conclude what happened that day was simply these group of guys flying planes into buildings. If it was that simple there would not be so many unexplained and suspicious facts floating about, so many coincidental connections to powerful people, and if you can’t see that, then you’re about as brainwashed as one can be. When a person is so indoctrinated by their government that they look at and trust them as they would the word of God, then what you have there is a person who has anointed their leaders as infallible gods, and that is scary.

I personally applaud the efforts of Wikileaks and hope they continue to reveal the truth about things in this government. If the leadership had nothing to hide they wouldn’t be so appalled by these releases. National security or not, there’s a lot of smoke every time we hear what our leaders are really doing. It’s only a matter of time until we feel the fire.


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