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Well things in Egypt got predictably worse in the last day or two as supports of the soon to be outgoing regime began attacking anti government protesters. This has produced chaos and followed an announcement by the current leader, Honsi Mubarak, that he would leave office in September which is the end of his term. To me his announcement shows that he clearly doesn’t get it. The people want him gone. Now. Not in a month not in 6 months but now. His proclamation that he would leave later this year was, to me, a glaring example of how the leadership of many countries doesn’t realize who is supposed to be in charge. The people, not some small rich group telling them whats best for them. A majority clearly wants him gone and have stated so and his response is “well I’ll leave when I’M ready.” I don’t think so.

I hate to see the violence, which has already injured hundreds and killed a few, but I hope the people stick to their guns and throw his corrupt butt out on the streets when THEY want, not when he says he’s going to go. As I stated before, regardless of who the new leadership is, the people of the world need to start reminding their leaders that leaders listen to the people, not the other way around. I am so tired of seeing corrupt politicians worldwide telling their citizens that they’ll follow the will of the people on THEIR terms. It’s not up to them it’s up to the people.

Anyway, I hope the will of the people continues to be exercised over there and as few people are hurt or killed as possible. Go freedom go liberty!


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