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Morning all. I wanted to take a few minutes to express my feelings of the unrest in Egypt and the example it is providing to the world. This is what needs to happen if the people in a country want change and are ignored. The citizens of Egypt have tired of having the same ruling party for the last 30 years or so and are demanding freedom and democracy, as they should. In this example we didn’t need to see another country, such as the United States, occupy their country and force change as the people are doing it for themselves. Yes it can be brutal at times, yes there will be lives lost, but to achieve freedom and liberty, this is what sometimes must happen. The United States was founded through a violent and extended war with the ruling party at the time. Not because the people were evil but because they decided that their liberty was worth fighting for.

The United States can learn a lesson from this. In my opinion this is what should be allowed to happen in any country that is oppressed, as only through true revolution can the people teach their leaders the valuable lesson that the country belongs to the citizens, not a small group of rich and powerful elitists. In any democracy, the government should always fear and respect the power of the people more so than the other way around. When other countries try to force this change, as the United States has tried to do, you do not achieve the same results because the people of that country have not gone through the noble battle themselves. If you don’t believe me, look at Iraq. Yes, it’s definitely a little better than when Saddam was in charge but does anyone doubt that once the U.S. presence is completely gone that there will be major unrest?

I pray for the people of Egypt and wish them the best of luck in their quest for democracy. They should be proud of themselves for showing that liberty is worth their sweat, blood and tears and through this process is the only true way to establish it. Nothing is a better expression of liberty than the public flexing its power outside the constraints of laws written by the minority. The minority doesn’t rule, the majority does.


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