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Hello all. Yesterday I started to take a look at the concept of freedom and wanted to expand on some of my thoughts. In my previous blog I was trying to raise a few eyebrows by giving examples of the barometer of freedom that exists in this country. I thought that I would continue along those lines by wondering out loud against a few things. So here we are, United States citizens proud of the freedoms we have. What are those freedoms producing in the real world though? Let me explain a little. Currently, if you were to leave this page right now and go to virtually any news site you would see articles that allow comments by the people who read them. I challenge anyone out there to find me one that doesn’t have comments filled with hate, racism, and discrimination across the board depending on the article’s subject. Now I am certainly not saying in any way that people shouldn’t have their right to free speech, even if it is offensive. At the same time though, a person has to wonder when trudging through this hateful mess what we are becoming as a society. When we look at ourselves as a country and a race, should we not have a higher standard we try to hold ourselves to? I’m sure most of you would say that we should, but simultaneously most of you would agree that we are not and what is happening in reality is what counts right?

So what has to happen for the people in this country to start actually caring about each other again? I do not mean in the sense that we are all forced to be a big family because liberty and independence are the most important values in our society and we should not have to be forced to join up with someone we have no interest in getting to know or having involvement with. The point I am more interested in bringing up is what do we think the right way for human beings to be related to each other in a society? Is it the way it currently is, where we have great freedom and opportunity to excel as individuals but those who do not excel often become a burden to those who do? Or should we be trying to work as a team?

I know that seems like a simplistic question but you have to look at it on a deeper level. We all exist on the same land in the same country and in the same system of government, a system that is breaking under the weight of our behaviors and actions. I personally want to see this country return to the levels of greatness we once had but I find it hard to believe it can happen when the people residing here have such disdain for each other that the concept of working together is almost incomprehensible. So I wonder, have we reached a point, as a race or a country where we should just start letting the chips fall where they may? If you are a success, more power to you, and if you fail and wind up on the street, then leave you there? Most would probably say no but at the same time wouldn’t be willing to work for their hard-earned money and then give it away to someone who is a failure.

I’m getting a little long-winded here but if you enjoyed this post please read the next one, discussing social services, as it is related to this one closely. We had an interesting debate on this topic in one of my classes the other day and I would like your opinions.Cya gang


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