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Hi all. I just finished watching the repeat of the State of the Union address from last night (I had school while it was on) and wanted to express a few thoughts on some of what was said. The meat of the speech, at least from my perspective, was centered around what America needs to do to become more competitive in the world again and to get the jobs back in the country. There were other topics obviously but this is the one I would like to focus on. Surprisingly enough, Obama was actually dead on as far as the job problem goes. Countries like China and India are producing better educated youth and when that is added to their obviously cheaper labor, you wind up with a situation where the jobs are drawn there. He also made a point about how a steel mill used to employ 1000 people but due to new technology that has been developed they now need only 100, another problem. Sadly though, I found his responses to these problems lacking and shortsighted.

Obama feels we need to “work harder” and “out-innovate” the rest of the world and the fact that these are some of his solutions shows how truly against the American people he and all the other leaders are. Do any of us think that China and India are going to stop swallowing up jobs, and companies are going to stop moving employees there when they can pay them less?? Let’s be honest here folks. The biggest problem with the job situation in this country is FUCKING GREED plain and simple. These jobs were moved overseas for what reason? More money!! They aren’t moving jobs to China or India for their great healthcare systems or great living conditions and no matter what the United States innovates, the greedy corporations that are eating this country like a cancer will always send the jobs right out of the country if it will make them a few dollars. The reason I say the leadership is “against” us is that they are all in these corporations pocket. Senators and congressmen are invested in the very companies that move the jobs out, and if the company is saving money by doing so, then the very people who are trying to keep the jobs here WILL MAKE MORE MONEY OFF THEIR STOCK IF THE JOBS LEAVE!! Dont we the people see the problem here?

The people in power know this, they’re not stupid, yet they think we are. They try to convince the public that there are reasons other than corporate greed and their connections to them for the job problems we have. If they really cared about us that much, they would impose a high enough tariff on imported goods that it would make it more profitable for companies to do their work here, but they staunchly refuse. Why would they do anything that would benefit the people over their corporate buddies who they are getting rich with? It’s just ridiculous. The only thing more crazy than this is the fact that people listen to this drivel and continue to take it.

I’ll wrap this up by saying this (Ill rant about the rest of the speech another day), the people in this country need to break out of the brainwashing tactics (that’s exactly what they are) and look at the facts. The facts are money is what drives both our leaders and corporate America. As long as both the companies and our leaders continue to benefit by us struggling, as they are right now, they will NEVER change things to benefit us. Think about it and wake up people…


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