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Good morning folks. I had to take the time this morning to quickly write about one of the most reprehensible stories I have read in a long time. Many of you may have seen the story on CNN, Fox or other news outlets. It concerns how the U.S. government is financially going after the spouses of deceased war veterans to make them pay back life insurance they received from their spouses after they passed on, all because they made the decision to remarry after becoming a widow or widower. The story entailed the situation of one Freda Green. Seven years after her husband’s death, a man who was a 33 year veteran of the Air Force, the Korean War, and of Vietnam in 2003, she says the U.S. Defense Department is demanding she repay more than $41,000 in benefits the government shelled out as part of an insurance policy he paid into. Keep in mind his death was from heart and lung issues that were deemed military-related by the government. The benefits she received were the result of a supplemental policy he paid into in order to secure the benefits for his wife after he passed on.

Whats at issue here is the fact that she remarried and in some cases, if the spouse of a deceased military person remarried some else who is in the military they can be collecting two sets of benefits and the Pentagon doesn’t want that happening. I see this as a ridiculous and insulting action by our government. Those that served in Vietnam had no choice, because a draft was in existence during that war, than to risk their lives for their country. On top of that many of them paid their own hard-earned money (and it doesn’t get much harder earning money than being in a war!) to ensure the well-being of their spouses and now the government is going to garnish their spouses wages to get it back?? A Pentagon statement claimed that if this is allowed it will cost the government 600 million dollars a year. Big freaking deal folks. Our leadership pisses away that much money every year on so many worthless pork projects that for them to suddenly be concerned about it when its going to perhaps the most noble of all the people in this country is the lowest of the low. Want to save 600 million dollars? Quit landing satellites on comets when we need the money here. Build one less military base somewhere, we have over a thousand worldwide.

Now there are congressmen, specifically one from california, working to pass legislation to stop this terrible policy but it should never have happened in the first place. For all of you out there who love your government, ask yourself this….if youre willing to go kill people because they tell you to, willing to risk your life to defend this great nation and they’re still trying to rip you off what does that say about how they look at you? To me it says that when you give your blood to defend this country, the fat cats getting rich in offices in Washington could care less as long as it doesn’t cost them too much. A truly sad story. The link to the actual story is below. have a good one.


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