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Hi folks. I was doing some reading on the recent tax hike in Illinois, a hike that many see as an unfair attempt to force the citizens of the state to bear the burden for the mistakes of our politicians and I found an interesting angle I wanted to talk about. The articles I read had an underlying tone I found interesting. I was able to find quote after quote from business leaders and politicians in neighboring states such as Wisconsin and Indiana that seemed quite pleased about the hike. I don’t believe it’s because they want the citizens of our state to get screwed but more because they believe it will convince both businesses and citizens that are able to jump across the border for a better deal. I personally live near the Illinois border, only about 15 miles from it and I can tell you that while I attend school (I am a full-time student) I am definitely trying to find a job in the neighboring state as opposed to Illinois. Yes I may have to drive a little farther but at the same time, simply on the issue of principle, I would much rather make that drive than be taken advantage of by my states often corrupt and incompetent leaders.

“We won’t be the only ones coming to poach companies out of your state, and I guess we’ll be well-received by frustrated firms there,” said Indiana Commerce Secretary Mitch Roob.

Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels joked that having Illinois as a neighbor “is like living next door to ‘The Simpsons,’ you know, the dysfunctional family down the block” during a chat this week on the Don Wade & Roma morning show on WLS-AM 890.

And newly elected Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is dusting off a tagline from a previous tourism campaign, “Escape to Wisconsin,” and aiming it at Illinois businesses. “Little did we know a vote in Springfield would create an opening for me to speed up being aggressive,” he said in an interview.

These are all prime examples of what I believe is going to be a serious, negative business related effect of this hike. No, I don’t believe companies will be fleeing in droves but at the same time I won’t be surprised if companies that are near the border decide they can jump across the border to save their companies a few dollars. Parts of the Chicago suburbs are not far at all from Indiana. Rockford IL, though not an economically strong city, is only a few miles from the Wisconsin border and the area I live in is just a 20 minute drive from St Louis MO. These are reasons, I believe, that not only will Illinois lose some business over this irresponsible decision, but also lose some workers. Times are tough these days. Fuel costs are high as well as costs rising in other areas. With this being said, it will inevitably make sense for some citizens to work right across the border if they are able to. On top of that, during a time when unemployment is high, what are the chances that businesses are going to be adding employees now that their taxes just went up? Not likely, especially when many of them have locations outside the state. If a regional type business has offices or locations in Indiana AND Illinois, located in the vicinity of the border, which locations will be more likely to add an employee or two this year? Probably not the location that just had a tax hike, as both the businesses and potential employees will benefit more jumping right across the border.

 Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn defended a massive increase in state income taxes passed by lawmakers Wednesday and promised to quickly sign the measure to help heal the state’s ailing finances.

“It’s important for their state government not to be a fiscal basket case,” Quinn told reporters outside his Capitol office.

This statement shows why Pat Quinn is a moron and obviously is out of touch with his constituents. Taxes being raised does not change the behavior of state leaders, past and present. In predictably simplistic and shortsighted fashion, this states leaders figure it’s not a problem that many of them are corrupt and mismanaging our funds, in their warped reality the problem is not enough extra money to cover them when they screw it all up. I truly hope the people of this fine state DO move across borders and out of this poor excuse for a state. I have numerous friends who will be leaving in the near future and though this isn’t the only reason for their desire to move, it definitely helped finalize their decision.

Illinois is well on its way to becoming a burned out, empty state with little opportunity for its citizens and hopefully one day we will be able to elect some real leaders who will not destroy everything as our current corrupt (Chicago mayor Richard Daley, former Gov Rod Blagojevich) and incompetent (Gov. Pat Quinn and yes former Senator Barrack Obama) leadership has.


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