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Hi all. Well looks like the cowards over at Westboro Baptist have shown their true colors. They had planned to picket the funeral of the 9-year-old girl killed in the Tucson shooting but with all the expected people coming there to protest them, they decided to take an offer of some air time on the radio in exchange for not coming. Let me be among the many to say, first off, what a bunch of spineless lowlifes these guys are. If they truly believed in their cause they wouldn’t be scared off, but as we all know, they don’t. As a bunch of attention whores, they only care about causing pain to those too weak or otherwise distracted to defend themselves. Now, with the nations spotlight on them we do exactly what you would expect from a bunch of people who support the murder of innocent people for their own cause, they run  away with their cowardly tails between their legs. Good for the people of Tucson for turning on the light and watching these cockroaches scatter away under the furniture as the filthy blasphemers they are.

Looking at their history of picketing on their website, there is a definite pattern showing that they are really just a bunch of cowardly fanatics so remember people, if your can just get a group together in your town to oppose them , they will run back to their hole crying for their mommies.

I’ll wrap this up by including the e-letter I sent them on their website. I hope many of you take the time to let them know how you feel as well. They are too flaccid to respond but it’s still a worthwhile effort. My letter is childish but I just wanted to mess with them. They deserve no real respect or treatment.

Well, looks like you cowards and misrepresenters of God’s word chickened out on Tucson huh? What happened? I though you guys were dedicated to spreading the word of God even in the face of adversity? Were the big, bad people gonna yell at you? Awwww did they hurt your feewings…..hahaha man you guys are pathetic.

Let me note I could care less if you lose any sleep over my statements. Obviously when people write you, it does make you lose sleep. If it didn’t you wouldn’t have bothered to make a point of saying it doesn’t at the bottom of your home page, dedicating a specific article to stating that, you would just ignore it and not lose sleep right?

Just wanted to drop you morons a line to say hello, since you cowards have run away while wetting yourselves I guess we wont get the chance to say hello in person. Then again I guess I should be more surprised you guys even show up sometimes than by you backing out in the spineless fashion were seeing now. I mean, if I was undeniably wrong about so many things, and had as many horrible people who hate God in my so-called church, I wouldn’t show up anywhere with em either.

One more thing……be honest guys. It’s obvious that the reason you hate gays so much is, well, youre gay. Its self loathing but you need to understand that its ok. We wont cast you out for the gay sex you enjoy having so be open!! Dont hate yourself…..theres plenty of us doing that for you. Cya


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