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Hi everybody. Just wanted to jump on this evening and make a few points about the recent events that transpired in Tucson and the after effect on both Sarah Palin and the government as a whole.

We’ll do Palin first. She is in full damage control now and to be honest, I don’t feel very sorry for her. She has been quick to attack the “toxic” rhetoric used against her in the past, saying it has no place in politics yet now in the aftermath of this tragedy, she releases a YouTube statement saying that the very rhetoric she has called a low blow in the past has always been going on and no one should be held to task for it. This is yet another example of a politician or political hopeful openly being hypocrites without even trying to hide it. She is quick to mention your first amendment rights but when these rights were being used against her politically she couldn’t go one day without complaining about how unfair they were and how they had no place in politics. When her opponents brought up her family, something that is well within their first amendment rights to do, she called it a low blow and said it had nothing to do with politics. Now, though, its ok because an incident of her using questionable rhetoric is being thrown in her face.

Let’s be honest here. Again I state that Sarah Palin and anything she said or says has nothing to do with the shooting. It was a case of a disturbed person lashing out at the world. No one, Democrat or Republican was the driving force behind this act. The funny thing is though, now we all get to watch our leaders and the media sources aligned with them on each side, dance around like puppets, doing their best to look like they are taking the high ground as they politicize the shooting in their attacks on the other side politicizing the shooting! Anyone else see the stupidity here?

The really scary thing , though, is this. We all can see what they each are trying to do yet despite the fact it’s so plainly obvious, the vast majority of sheep/people who hear it will actually fall for it! When Rush Limbaugh spends a half hour ranting about how the Democrats are out of line for attacking Palin for her rhetoric, at the same time repeating his view that they are using the shooting as a political tool, and then the VERY NEXT DAY he spends half his show saying the Democrats SUPPORT THE SHOOTING??? That statement is him blatantly using something as a political tool that 24 hours earlier he was criticising others for using as a political tool. F@#$ing hypocrite!

Now here at, when I say I am fair and balanced, unlike FoxNews I mean it. The Democrats side of the fence has been no better. I looked at the now infamous “bullseye” map on Palin’s page. It’s a picture of the United States with crosshairs painted over the districts she was referring to as winnable political targets. The map I saw had no individual picture of a person, just targets over the districts in question. The fact that the Democrats would try to connect Palin to this shooting in a negative way, or try to fault her for it is both ridiculous and, honestly, kind of makes them look like they are so afraid of her that they’ll do anything to slander her.

So in conclusion, I hope what you’ve been able to take from this blog is the following; All of our leaders should be ashamed of themselves for not only politicizing a tragedy that claimed the life of an innocent 9-year-old child, but for both trying to blame the others for doing it and in the process of making the accusations, doing exactly what they are accusing the other side of. It’s right there in front of your eyes people. Wake up.


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