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Well this should seriously piss off anyone who is a resident of Illinois and disturb those residents of other states that are in debt. Illinois today passed the following tax hikes

  • Temporarily raising the personal income tax rate to 5%, from 3%.
  • Temporarily hiking corporate income taxes to 7%, from 4.8%.
  • Imposing a moratorium on new programs with spending growth capped at 2% per year, with the exception of increased school aid of more than $700 million.
  • The House postponed a vote on increasing the tobacco tax to $1.99 per pack, up from 98 cents. And lawmakers defeated a proposal to borrow $8.75 billion to clear the current stack of unpaid bills.

    The state’s Senate also approved a measure allowing the state to borrow $3.7 billion for the fiscal 2011 pension payment. The House approved this debt issuance last May.

  • I cannot even begin to tell you how ridiculous this is. Illinois and its leaders are PROVEN to be amongst the most corrupt, underhanded mismanagers of tax dollars this country has seen in a long time. They have a not only consistent, but completely transparent record of screwing over the residents of their state to line their own pockets. Former Governor George Ryan sits in jail for fraud and racketeering amongst other charges. Rod Blagojevich is currently in the aftermath of trying to sell President Obama’s Senate seat after he took office.

    Its persistence was documented  Sept. 7, 2006 by the Chicago Sun-Times, which reported that at least 79 current or former Illinois, Chicago or Cook County elected officials had been found guilty of a crime by judges, juries or their own pleas since 1972. The paper provided this tally of the tarnished: three governors, two other state officials, 15 state legislators, two congressmen, one mayor, three other city officials, 27 aldermen, 19 Cook County judges and seven other Cook County officials.

  • So after this laundry list of scumbags have been busted again and again, they now are openly saying, with a smile on their faces , that YOU are going to pay to fix it. business as usual in our screwed up state and as usual, the sheep of a populace in this state, much like others in this country, will now go out and work their butts off to pay for something a bunch of rich, corrupt leaders did and in the end their efforts will most likely be for naught. What good does it do to hike taxes when we all know its only a matter of time until the next leader is arrested and charged once he falls out of political favor with his cronies? When you consider our little problem from that angle, you logically have to come to the realization that what they are really saying is “our last group of schemes didn’t work so were gonna rob you even more to fix it.”
  • WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! Get out, protest, call your congressman and bitch and moan. Who cares if they don’t like it. THEY WORK FOR YOU!…….This is just another sad, sad example of where our country is going and for those of you who have just accepted it remember this…..there will always be an endgame and the more broken things become the quicker its going to get here.
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