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Today as I was reading the news I came across no less than 5 different articles concerning current politicians coming out and calling for the “toning down” of the often toxic and inflammatory rhetoric that regularly comes out of our politicians mouths. I for one find it sad and somewhat disturbing that it took an innocent woman being shot in the head, a 9-year-old having her life ended, for them to realize this was a problem. In typical fashion though, our leaders continue to show that they are incapable of recognizing a problem until that problem blows up in their faces.

 Much like health care, the economy, and many other issues, this situation is just another example of how little the leadership cares about anything that doesn’t affect their poll numbers. Let’s think for a second… any of us think, had this shooting not happened, that we would have heard any politician calling for the removal of the irresponsible rhetoric that regularly comes out of Washington? I am absolutely certain that had this event not taken place that you would be able to close this page right now, open any of the major news sites, and find something really inappropriate that one politician had said about another.

 This shows a dangerous and serious flaw not only in the thinking of our leaders but the thinking of us, the public. As time continues to pass and more issues that affect the American people pop up in the future we are going to need foresight, both from our leaders and from the public, when electing our representatives and making decisions that affect millions. When there is an election going on, we need people who want to get elected on the basis of their ability, not on the basis of how bad they can make their opponent look. If we continue to be accepting of this type of thinking in the future, the United States will one day crumble under the weight of one of these problems when it does blow up.

 The time has come for the public to sacrifice their own ego and push for what’s right as a mass in the first place and take responsibility for the future NOW as opposed to when it’s too late. The days of us always doing what feels best needs to be replaced with us as a whole doing what’s right. There’s always a grey area, I agree, but in the end we all know right from wrong. We need to start acting like it before we are mourning more people and talking about another problem that was obvious before the tragedy.


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