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Morning. This morning, online, there was an article written by Richard Cohen of the Washington Post. Now I don’t read Mr. Cohen on a regular basis and also don’t know a whole lot about him personally so please keep in mind my statements in the following blog refer only to his view in this article and not him in totality. In his article Mr. Cohen states “A 22-year-old man, already hallucinating on the Internet, making no sense in his classes and booted from school for his strange ways, can buy such a killing device almost on the spot. If he is crazy, then so are we.” Sorry sir but I respectfully disagree with you on the following basis. The Constitution of this country gives us the right to bear arms. Obviously this right does not include the right to use those arms to harm innocent people. Jared Loughner was a disturbed person and yes, in a sense, the system failed us by allowing such a dangerous person to attain such a weapon. That being said though, the vast majority of us gun owners in this country use them responsibly and just because one maniac went far beyond reason in his use of guns doesnt lump us in with him just because we allow them in society. Stating that we are as crazy as this disturbed individual because we allow the weapons that he used both irresponsibly, and not for the purpose they were meant is akin to stating that we are all as irresponsible as a drunk driver who kills a family because we allow people to buy cars. There are many dangerous things in society, many items that if used in the wrong way, can be harmful for others. That’s why there are rules. Most of us follow these rules. Jared Loughner did not due to his obviously damaged mental state.If we start to restrict access to this or that because one out of a thousand people use it irresponsibly, we wouldn’t be allowed to possess anything Mr Cohen! A mother smothers her child with a pillow because she is disturbed, no more pillows for anyone?

Im sure you see my point and though I agree there should be better systems in place to be aware of when a possibly dangerous person has access to a weapon they can hurt others with, the way you ended you article, with the statement “the gun did it” is ridiculous and in my opinion you making excuses for people’s actions. If a psychotic student stabs his teacher with a pencil did the “pencil do it?” No the person did. So in essence I wanted to blog that I agree we need to be more careful about who gets what but lets not start taking the cowardly action of blaming inanimate objects for the actions that are taken with them by human beings. As you stated, It’s the 21st century and human beings need to start taking responsibility for their own actions and not always be looking for a reason it’s not our fault as people when we do something bad.


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