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Morning gang. I wanted to take a few moments today to reflect on what we are spending our tax dollars on. During a time when unemployment is very high and many if not all states are in serious debt it seems to me that a reality check is needed in the priorities we have placed on what we spend our money on. I got to thinking about this after reading an article this morning detailing how the state of California is in the hole by like 25 billion dollars. That being said, California is hardly the only state with this dilemma. I live in Illinois and our state leaders are talking about a 75% state income tax increase, and with the corruption that has been proven to exist in this state that’s a hard number to swallow. They screw it up, we pay for it. Doesnt seem very fair to me.

When looking over the federal budget, it just seems to me that while things such as space exploration and defense are things we need that we may be prioritising these things a little too high. Space exploration and what on other planets, and in other galaxies, is interesting and all that but what good is that doing us now as a whole? Does it really do us any good to know these facts( and most of what we find out is theory not fact) if the planet WERE ON is going under? Here’s an example….( and thanks to FoxNews for the information)

Stifled by legislative bottlenecks, NASA will be forced to continue an already defunct rocket program until March, costing the agency half a billion dollars while adding more hurdles to the imminent task of replacing the space shuttle.

Constellation is the umbrella program that includes the Ares I, the rocket NASA has been building to replace the space shuttle as means of transport to and from the International Space Station, as well as other spacecraft that would have been capable of performing a variety of missions. President Obama cancelled Constellation last year, but thanks to congressional delays and inaction, the program simply won’t die — and it’s costing big bucks.

A large portion of the estimated $500,000,000 NASA will spend on the canceled rocket in the next few months — $165 million of it — will be paid to Alliant Techsystems, or ATK, toward the development of a solid-rocket first stage for the Ares I the rocket. However, with the cancellation of the Constellation program as part of the President’s new NASA plan, signed into law in October, there are doubts that the technology will ever be used, reported the Orlando Sentinel.

So, in essence, we are going to spend hundreds of millions of dollars, during a time when people are out of work, schools are going underfunded and fuel and other prices are rising to ridiculous levels our leaders are going to piss away all that money for what? So we can fund something we are never going to use? Are we in that good of shape financially that we can just throw money away on “maybe” projects while the people who work and keep this country going go without things they need for their families? People should be outraged by this and trust me, there are many other NASA related projects that cost just as much with only extremely long-term results possible. Again, I’m not saying cut the whole project out but at the same time, what good does all this exploration of outer space do when the people ON THE PLANET are struggling. Seems illogical and irresponsible to me. Take care of our backyard before we going looking for additional property.

NASA is hardly the only government agency being irresponsible during these tough times though. According to the Pentagons own list, The United States has close 1,000 military bases worldwide. 1,000?? Are we at war with the whole freaking planet? I understand we have to have some strategically placed bases and forces but this seems a little over the top to me. The Department of Defense budget for 2011 is 708  BILLION DOLLARS. Wow….I can’t really say more than that. Are we in that much constant danger? What good does all this defense do if what we are defending is collapsing? If we continue at this rate, we’re going to wind up like North Korea….a massive military protecting a dirt poor, starving nation. Dont think it cant happen. Empires such as ours have come and gone over the years and America is not immune to the cycles of history.

Those are just a few thoughts that came to mind. See you all later and have a great day. If you have a job.:)


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