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Good morning folks. I am awake a little early today and thought I’d drop some brain activity on you. While looking over the news sites this morning, reading about the tragic shooting of a congresswoman yesterday, I came across an article on the main page of CNN titled “Snooki not trying to be a role model”. Hahahahah…sorry I had to laugh. Has the world gone mad? Why would this girl, mainly a partying moron famous for, I guess, being one of the personalities on the show Jersey Shore, think anyone would look at her as a role model? What exactly has this girl done, or what does she do that causes her to be famous or people to care what she thinks? Now admittedly, I know very little about this young lady and I plan to keep it that way but this article reminded me in a major way of how brain-dead our society has become when people like Snooki(LOL, sorry what a stupid name) are celebrities? As I checked out the article (I wanted some knowledge before I wrote about her) I came to find out exactly what I had thought. Shes just some girl who is on a reality TV show who gets drunk a lot. Wow. That’s certainly someone I want to spend precious hours of my life listening to and watching (cmon seriously?). This reminded me of another reality moron named Spencer, who I believe is that guy from The Hills, another reality show. A year or so ago I was watching David Letterman and he was a guest. He told Letterman that he charges like $50,000 dollars just to show up somewhere because “he’s Spencer”?! I sat and purely enjoyed when Letterman sat there and laughed and laughed at him, asking “Why would anyone pay YOU to show up anywhere?”

It’s scary that people’s lives in this country and worldwide have become so empty that they follow shows showing other peoples lives so religiously, creating a celebrity status for someone who, in essence, DOES NOTHING BUT LIVE! Are our lives that sad? That we have to follow 20 something drunks and celebrity wannabees as entertainment? What ever happened to being entertained by, oh I don’t know, people with a talent?

Now I know that maybe this post doesn’t have any kind of intellectual base and I usually pride myself on trying to have meaning in what I write, but when I go to a major news site and see this Snooki story listed as the 7th or 8th headline during a time when we are fighting a war, the economy is collapsing, congresswomen are being shot, and healthcare debate is close to causing civil war I am just blown away that there is enough of a viewership to even publish a story like that. Then again, our media is pretty much just a bunch of money hungry sensationalists so I suppose I shouldnt be surprised. Ok that’s all I have for right now, I promise I’ll write again later today about something that is 60 or 70 clicks higher on the intelligence scale than “Snooki”………wow….


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