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Hi everyone. After reading an article today about 15 headless bodies being found near Acapulco I wanted to write a little about the state of a neighbor to the south. Mexico, by all accounts, is a failed state. What I mean when I say that is that it is a country that has clearly collapsed. Drug cartels wield more power in the country than the government does and during a period in time when terrorism is such a threat, having such an unstable so-called country on our southern border is a problem that needs to be addressed. If not for favorable weather that contributes to tourism, Mexico would be nothing but a barren piece of land used mainly for drug trafficking. They have virtually no control over their citizens as evidenced by their people fleeing their country for ours in droves.What can we do about this? Some would say nothing as Mexico remains a sovereign nation but I believe I have an idea that would be great for everyone involved, except for those that are blinded by nationalistic pride. Heres my idea, I believe the United States should absorb Mexico as a state. Hear me out before you shoot me down. First off, massive percentages of their people are already flowing into a country, wanting a chance to build a good life for themselves. These people would have little argument against it becoming part of our country. If Mexico were a United States territory it would more likely be easier to get the cartel issues under control, since the powerful police agencies of our country wouldn’t be prevented from taking the fullest actions possible. On top of that, if Mexico were a state I personally believe we would see a fairly large influx of businesses and the money they invest with, since the country has a very tourist friendly landscape. I think of it being a similar situation to Las Vegas is in Nevada. Lets be honest, if Vegas wasnt in Nevada there would be little interest from anyone in going to the state but because it is there, there are solid reasons to invest and grow the tourist draw, which has done exactly that over the last 30 years or so. Mexico could become a safer, more stable place to live, with a massive and better yet, safe environment where people could vacation and business could invest with confidence.

Now there are some out there who will take what I just said as an insult to the pride of Mexico. Well, to those people I say, and pardon my bluntness, but gimme a break. There is nothing in Mexico to be proud of unless you’re a drug runner. If it was a country worth raising your family in then those very families wouldn’t be risking their lives to sneak into the USA. The reality though is that they are sneaking in. By the millions and I think its time to throw political correctness aside and do something that will solve problems in America while at the same time allowing Mexican citizens to have the opportunities they deserve without having to risk their lives both sneaking across the border and living here illegally. Just my opinion. Thanks for reading.


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