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Good morning. A few months ago I did some research that I posted on my Facebook page and I wanted to take the time to transfer it here in blog form. The topic of what I wrote was to give some insight into what companies our leaders are investing in and how those investments, and the money it makes these people, are garnering more influence in their decisions than the will of the people. Last time I checked, Senators were supposed to be voting and making decisions based on the will of the people, not the size of their bank account. Lets begin.

I began my research by checking out, which is a fabulous site dedicated to providing a transparent view of how certain people in our government are using their position to get rich as opposed to representing the very people who have allowed them their position. The information I was able to dig up was both offensive and scary if you’re a taxpaying citizen of this country.

The congressmen and women of this country are given a massively important position. The votes they take and decisions they make are vitally important to things going well for you, the taxpayer. unfortunately for us, many of them are abusing it to get rich. Some quick numbers. The average worth of a congressmen in this country is well over a million dollars and the vast majority of them are millionaires. Now im not saying our leaders don’t have the right to be successful in their lives, but when looking at their investments you find that the companies that are making them rich garner far more political support than is good for the American people. For example Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo and Citigroup received a combined 90 BILLION DOLLARS in taxpayer bailout because they were deemed “too important to fail”. Well of course they are when a combined 183 congressmen are invested in them. Would these banks have been bailed out if these people didn’t own stock in them? Of course they are “too important” to fail when our leaders stand to lose tons of money if they do. Now most of these banks have paid back most or all of the money loaned to them but what right do our leaders have to protect their own investments in companies littered with corruption using OUR money?? If they had all the schools paid up to date, if state contractors pay wasnt  months behind schedule, if there weren’t so many underfunded, meaningful programs we would maybe be ok with this but come on now, this is open corruption. Its like being legally forced to be these guys investment capital and that is a crime.

23 congressman are invested in BP. So do you think after BPs drilling accident, caused mostly by them being cheap and irresponsible, that any of these 23 are going to truly make sure BP pays the price and costs they should? Of course not because then they would stand to lose money.

I could go on and on and on about this with fact after fact but in the end, until the people stand up and do something about it, these behaviors are going to continue. When I say these things im not necessarily calling for revolution but at the same time how can any of us look in the mirror and not feel like our leaders look at us as possessions. As slaves, there to  pay the bills for whatever they feel like getting into and getting rich off of.Its truly sad and as a people we should be ashamed.

Just today, the state of Illinois announced they are going to suggest a 75 percent tax hike on the income tax to try to fix their massive state debt. State debt that was created by THEM. By THEIR corruption. By THEIR stealing and mismanaging of taxpayer dollars. And what was the penalty for their consistently illegal and immoral behavior? The Illinois senator got elected president. What a joke this country has become. For those out there who would say to me “if its such a joke why don’t you move to another country?” my answer is this. SHUT UP SLAVE! I will not be forced to leave the country I grew up in because it has been taken over by corrupt, greedy scumbags who slowly but surely are stealing every inch of freedom and greatness from this once great country. I may not be able to stop them…..yet…. but I will do what I can to open a few eyes, regardless of what the weak and narrow-minded think. Have a great day and kiss your money goodbye….unless we do something about it.


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