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The insanity is beginning. Today, at last report, 6 were killed among 18 shot at a Safeway grocery store in Tucson AZ. Among the injured was Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who was holding a town style meeting at the store. Giffords at last report had been shot in the head and was undergoing surgery.

First off let me say I hope Giffords survives and make s a full recovery. It’s a shame that violence is slowly creeping its way into our political process but, and I hate to say this, it is. They havent released any info on the shooter yet and there is rampant speculation all over the internet about who he was and what his motives are. I wanted to comment on that fact a little bit. First, Americans online are showing exactly why something like this has happened. All I’ve seen on every page I looked at is people on the left saying its a right-wing nutjob, people on the right saying its a left-wing maniac and others throwing the words “militant” and “illegal immigrant” all over the place. To clarify what I’m getting at, all I’m seeing so far is hate. Hate for those who are on the opposite side of a persons political and religious beliefs. This is where this country is headed and todays events should not surprise anyone. During her recent run for re-election, Gifford’s face was on a Sarah Palin run website, with a group of other Democrats running, with rifle crosshairs over their faces, implying they were “targets”. This kind of violence inciting propaganda is just the beginning people and its only gonna get worse.

On a side note, hey CNN, people other than the congresswoman were shot too, just in case you wanna maybe report them as more than a number at some point.

My final point is the one that will probably get me yelled at but here we go. Gifford doesn’t deserve to die and I hope she recovers. That being said I see her shooting as a warning of things to come if our leaders don’t straighten up. The masses in this country are only going to take Congress and the rest of the government stealing from us, ripping us off, and not supporting us for so long. Especially as most of them get rich with their corporate buddies while doing so. On top of that, that goes without saying how unfairly they have the law applied to them as they break it on a regular basis. To get right to the point, these are the kind of times that cause revolutions. Its happened before and it can happen again. America is not immune to the cycle of history. To finish I will leave you with a quote from Thomas Jefferson, and most of you have heard it before.

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”
Thomas Jefferson

Sadly it seems this country is in large supply of both.


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