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Hi gang. I was reading some online blogs at various sites today and to say the least, there was quite a bit of argument and dispute over religion and biblical interpretation. This got me thinking about this fact concerning religion. The Bible, regardless of how it is interpreted, is one book. Most, but not all Christians would have you believe that this book exists only on this planet,as does life. Keep in mind not all of them believe this, but I would say a substantial amount do. I find this highly illogical and would like to explain why without even broaching any religious opinion.

The known universe, that being the part of the universe than can be seen from Earth is beyond massive. Most estimates, though they admittedly vary from source to source, say that the KNOWN(only the parts we can see from Earth) universe is approximately 46 billion light years in circumference. For those who want a better example of how large that is, it is the equivalent of you traveling at the speed of light, which is an inconceivable 186,282 MILES PER SECOND, and travelling at that 186,282 MILES PER SECOND FOR 46 BILLION YEARS TO GET ACROSS IT!!!. Now think about that for a second deeply. The circumference of the planet Earth is about 4000 miles.So moving at the speed of light you would go around the entire earth 46 AND A HALF TIMES IN ONE SECOND. So again, moving fast enough to go around the entire planet 46 times in one second, you would have to travel at that speed for 46 BILLION YEARS to cross just the known universe, not even counting whats beyond that.

So what religion is telling me is these next couple facts which I personally just find completely illogical. First off, The Bible is telling me that the power that created something that large, that massive and inconceivably huge, has give me ONE BOOK that’s supposed to show me all I need to know. Secondly, it’s telling me that in all that space,  with countless billions and billions of stars and even more planets, that were the only planet God put people on.Hmmm….the reason I put it that way is when you look at it from that angle, I cant help but think, in essence, that we are beyond foolish to think we could even begin to understand powers so far beyond us that it created a universe that takes 46 billion years to cross when moving fast enough to circle the earth 46 times in a second…..whew…thats a brainfull right there.

That brainfull really made me wonder though, when I was online this morning listening to all these people argue and insult each others views and each other, so sure that their view was the right one, and anyone who disagreed was wrong. Have we become that blind of a race of beings? We make up an infantile percentage of the universe yet many of us have the gall to say THEYRE SURE they know and understand creation? It would seem to me, just based on our level of insignificance in the whole picture that our being able to understand something so much more powerful than us would be an impossibility just by comparison of what we are able to do verses WHAT THE CREATOR OF ALL EXISTANCE CAN DO!

Just a thought all.Thanks for readin…cya


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