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Hi all. Like many of you out there I have been reading the story of Ted Williams, a homeless man with an amazing voice who used to work in radio before falling on hard times as a result of drug and alcohol abuse. It is definitely a feel good story, one where someone who has nothing is being given the opportunity to have more in his life. While I am happy for this man, I can’t help but wonder about the morality of society when a person starving and living on the streets seems to only have worth if he has an amazing talent. The National coalition for the Homeless estimates there are as many as 2 million people per year who experience homelessness. These people are generally ignored by society, sometimes even ridiculed, and when I see a story like this it makes me wonder why we don’t care more. There are many war veterans who sleep outside each night, but I rarely see a story crediting them for their service to their country.

I hope Mr. Williams finds success and gets his life in a happy place. He, like countless others, deserves more as a human being than sleeping in an alley. I just wish people would show the same sympathy across the board for all people in this tough situation, instead of ignoring them unless they can entertain or impress us. I admit, I havent done anymore than anyone else to contribute to someone sleeping on the streets but I would fully support seeing a few less of our tax dollars go to space exploration and a few more going to establish some sort of organization that can help work on what is a horrible problem. It’s 2011 people. If we can land a robot on another planet and do all kinds of science with it you would think we would be able to come up with a way to put a dent in the problem of poverty. Guess as a country, we care more about whats in the dirt in Mars than who’s sleeping in the alley behind your apartment building.


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