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Ahhh, feels good to be blogging again. Lets start with today’s news from the big 3 “news” pages…hahahaha….sorry can’t help but laugh when they call themselves news organizations. Lets be honest, they’re just political mouthpieces and sensationalist garbage, but I digress. First on CNN, under their “latest news” list they have each day on their webpage is a link to an article about Roseanne blasting Sarah Palin. That’s news? A TV star who hasn’t been relative in a decade talking trash about a politician who quit her job running the least populated state, but now wants people to believe she can run the entire country? I guess there isn’t anything more important than that going on these days huh? What a joke. Rosanne, no one cares what you think any more than they care what their neighbors political views are. Yes Palin is a quitter and now just another reality TV fad, but intelligent people don’t need you to know that so get over yourself and please, please don’t ever sing the national anthem again. You didn’t even know it but I’m sure that has nothing to do with whether we should take your political advice.

On MSNBC this morning there were no less than 3 front page stories detailing the turnaround of the homeless man in Ohio with the “golden voice”. No offense to this guy, I hope he gets his life on track but when I keep hearing everyone say he deserves a “second chance” it makes me wonder…..considering he was arrested just this past May for theft, and has been arrested more than a few times, and is a former drug and alcohol addict, how this is only his “second” chance. There are war veterans who risked their lives in service for this country who have NEVER been arrested or used drugs living on the streets and no one is in any big hurry to give them a place to live.Or a job. Or a free flight to see their mother. Again I’m not saying don’t help this guy but it would be nice to see society care about the homeless who have done nothing wrong if they are going to throw all this love and support at a criminal and drug user.(Again, for those of you who think I suck, facts are facts and there are people far more deserving of a helping hand on every street in every major city and most of us just drive by and ignore them as if they were dead.Guess they would matter if they had better voices huh? Feel good bullshit, that’s what this story is.)

Ok Fox News channels turn. A front page story tells of how the newly elected House is going to take the floor and one of their first actions will be to read the Constitution outloud.Though it has been inserted as text into the Congressional Record before, the supreme law of the land has never been read aloud before in the body known as “the People’s House.”The man responsible for the exercise, Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., says it’s more than just a simple civics lesson.”This is a very symbolic showing to the American people,” said Goodlatte, “and it’s a powerful message to members of Congress . We are a nation of laws, not of men.” Gee thanks for explaining that but despite what these guys might think, were not idiots. Many of us have read and understand the Constitution…thats why we complain about you idiots all the time!!! How about instead of wasting taxpayer time reading a document out loud that should be required knowledge for your position, why don’t you instead try STARTING TO FOLLOW IT ONCE IN A FUCKING WHILE!!!! These gestures and the statements that accompany them, in my opinion, are just another insult to the intellect of the American people. These guys think were all so simplistic that if they announce they are going to do this we are all just gonna jump up and down with excitement….”Yay the new guys understand and read the Constitution!!!”….Man, just another example of the divide between the public and the leaders perception of what we think.

Ok, enough ranting out of me today. You all have a blessed day and I’ll holler at you tommorrow.Hit me up on Twitter and Facebook or email me at   cya


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