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Hi gang. Took a little break as school started again but wanted to get back on blogging again so here we go. First off, I have started a Facebook page dedicated to missing persons in this country. This is, in my opinion, a vastly underrated problem facing this fine country. Thousand of people go missing every year, many never to be seen again. Yes some are voluntary but many are taken against their will and forgotten if they aren’t immediately found. These people need to be remembered  and need to not be given up on.Look for Absentis Alio on Facebook and see if you can help.

Now some current events….thousands of birds fell dead from the sky in Arkansas this past week. Scientists came out and said they were killed when fireworks spooked them and they all slammed themselves into objects. I don’t know whats stupider, that garbage bulls**t or how many people will actually believe it. If fireworks caused that how come there aren’t tons of those stories every 4th of July?? The truth of the matter is that our government has chemical weapons storage facilities in Arkansas and rumors of botched aerial spray testing around the same time are hard to ignore. Whatever it was, I find it hard to believe it was just a natural accident. If it was, what a strange coincidence that thousands of fish turned up dead in the same state the same week. The same state that has been experiencing repeated earthquakes for the last month or so restricted to only that state. All very odd. Its one thing to make up conspiracies, but when you have bizarre occurence after bizarre occurence in the exact same area in so short of a time its hard not to wonder whats going on and who knows about it.

The news article detailing how a confused John Wheeler was wandering around right before he was found killed in a landfill reads like a story from a movie. Mr Wheeler had involvement in government business related to chemical weapons, in Arkansas, the same Arkansas where thousands of birds just miraculously dropped from the sky right around the same time as his sudden murder. Can we say conspiracy boys and girls??

Other quick notes…..good riddance to Nancy Pelosi….I know she’s still there but any step backward for her is a step forward for this country…….Gibbs, Obama’s WH spokesman is leaving his post…will anyone remain by Obama’s side by next election?? It may not matter because if Sarah Palin runs Obama will crush her in his sleep. Speaking of Palin, I’m thinking she should stick to reality TV. Judging by her general approval numbers I’m thinking people are sick of hearing a proven quitter try to tell them she knows how to fix whats wrong in this country when she couldn’t even fix what was wrong with its least populated state without quitting before the job was done. That’s all I have tonight folks. Cya next time.


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