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Just wanted to remind America today that another election is upon us but since were all brainless, fat, apathetic sheep it wont really make a difference either way so don’t waste your time voting.This is not a joke, actually the only joke here is you and me, if we think we actually have a voice or are actually “free”. Your schools will continue to go unfunded, your access to healthcare will go down further as the rates continue to go up. We will continue to rely on foreign fuel sources instead of looking for our own, while sending brave men and women to die or kill others in the name of a battle that can never be won. Today at least one politician will remind you that it’s because of him that terrorists arent hiding in your backyard. Today at least one politician will tell you immigration is important to him as our borders remain porous and literally millions of immigrants with no citizenship walk around freely, flaunting the law. Today politicians will attack each others integrity and morals and tomorrow at least one of those same politicians will be arrested for either stealing from us or cheating on their significant other. Today at least one politician will tell you he or she never said something that they are on videotape saying and then refuse to talk about it any further.Most importantly, today is yet another day where the American people, who so proudly pound their chest with nationalistic pride every chance they get, will continue to support and blindly follow people who look at them as slaves, nothing more. Slavery never ended, they just made it so you can’t see the chains and everyone is involved.


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