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To continue on my previous post, I wanted to share some political stupidity as election day nears. First off, these elections mean nothing and cmon people, you should know this by now. Day after day of the same thing, politician number 63456 spewing all the soundbites that have become synonymous with our deceitful leaders.Theyre strong on this while their opponent is weak on that.According to those running, it seems that every election, regardless of location, has the exact same two people running in it. It must, otherwise how could they all be making the exact same word for word criticisms of each other on both sides in every single one of them? Healthcare, Jobs, Education, National Security, these issues are at the center of virtually all current election battles and the really funny thing is, according to their “quotes” and “ads”, is that they all think the same thing and guarantee their opponent is out to get you. Well cmon again people, this can’t all be true.Wait, I forgot, truth is no longer associated with our leadership. Its become just a bizarre contest to see who can convince more people to believe their lies, and that’s the person who gets elected.

 Then in the next year or so, as all their promises and pledges turn out to be exactly what I said earlier, lies, the people starting feeling the negative effects in their own lives and then they get mad.Then they rant and rave, attend rallies with bright neon signs and allow themselves to be engulfed in the illusion of freedom and the illusion of the power of their voices. The other party, the one who lost the previous election, sees this and preys on it by doing the exact same thing the previous, unpopular leader did. They say anything, true or not, to gain the trust of the people and the whole cycle repeats itself.Rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat. Tell me I’m wrong. Tell me the difference between this election and any others in the last 30 years or so. You cant and if you think you can, then I have no hope of reaching you anyway because you have no mind of your own. Have a nice day fuckers:)


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