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Today Wikileaks, the online whistleblower so to speak, released 15,000 pages of Iraqi war documents that were labeled as “classified” and were denounced by the Pentagon. What the Pentagon should have been denouncing was themselves for continuing to show that they have little regard for human rights. As all their whore media outlets try to paint this leak as a bad thing I love the fact that there is more focus on the leak itself than the fact the papers show tens of thousands more Iraqi civilian deaths that the Pentagon was lying to you about. That’s what its come to folks. Youre government will break the rules, even kill people, and try to justify not letting you know about it as a matter of national defense. What a fucking joke these guys are. How does the American public knowing or not knowing about ten to fifteen thousand innocent civilians murdered( yes its murder, war doesn’t mean these deaths aren’t still murders) protect the country?? It doesn’t. It only protects those in power who continue to allow others to die for their own goals and needs. People can argue about terrorism and war all they like, you’re not going to be able to say that these civilian deaths are anything but cold-blooded murder. Just because you’re trying to kill someone war related nearby doesn’t give any man under God free rein to just lay waste to any other people in the area. If a police officer in this country needs to use his weapon in self-defense does that mean he should just be able to use an uzi and spray whoever is near the perp he’s after? No, and if he did he would be charged with a crime except in the most extreme examples. Apparently though, the American government sees foreign citizens as less than people and therefore expendabile. Just sickening. The only thing that gives me solace is the fact that in the afterlife these men and women and going to burn and I hope they don’t cry when it happens.


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