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Morning folks. Its Wednesday October 20th and I thought I’d take a few paragraphs and look at what changes may be coming in the upcoming election. In the usual cyclical way that Washington works, the GOP should be taking a few seats back in the Congress, based on most information out there. For any of you who didn’t understand my cyclical comment, let me explain. Our system of government is a classic duopoly. You are provided with two choices, both of which appear to have different angles on leading us. Ask yourself this though…have the problems and issues changed as the Presidents and Congress political alignment has? The answer is a resounding NO. We, regardless of which party has “control” continue to have deficit issues, education issues, healthcare issues and social issues as we have had for years and years. Dont you ever wonder why these problems never go away when we kick out the guy who we don’t like and bring in the new one whose gonna fix everything? It’s because theyre not meant to go away! These parties may have different speeches opposing each other but in the end they all govern the same. They focus on maintaining their power, at the expense of the taxpayer and if they mess up who cares?? If you said you do, you’re a damn liar. If you cared you’d do something about it instead of blindly buying into the fact that the other side will make it all better. Theyre all the same people and ask yourself this….why, in the last 30 years, have we not seen another major political party pop up? Are you telling me every person in this country is either a hardcore Republican or Democrat? Again, WRONG and you know it. The truth is you think you have a choice but you don’t. The two parties fight among themselves but fight even more to not allow any alternative points of view to have enough of a chance to matter. The third parties will never get their foot in the door, other than the occasional trivial win, because every media source in this county is in bed like a whore with the two major parties. Every election out there, you see interviews with the candidates, but rarely do any with third-party representatives get any equal airtime at all. So when this seat or that seat changes here in the near future, I hope all my readers out there, even if it’s just a few, know in the hearts that in actuality, nothing has changed at all.


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