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Morning gang. I wanted to write a little bit about on Mrs. Sarah Palin this morning an examine the phenomenon surrounding the loudness of her voice and the massiveness of the coverage given to her despite her actual lack of following. It’s funny how you can be disliked nowadays yet still be in everyone’s face , like it or not. Sarah Palin, in the time she has been in the public eye ( which was never before her being a surprise pick by John McCain) has proved to be the worst kind of politician. Almost a real life cartoon character complete with catch phrases and flashy speeches pumping up her followers but in the end another proven political failure who quit the only major elected position she had while under scrutiny for numerous ethics violations. With this being her background, in typical political fashion, she now wonders the country, attacking the politicians who are actually finishing their term and wanting the masses to believe she has some big secret about making everything right that none of us have ever considered.Where were all these great ideas when she was governor of Alaska? Her followers, mostly fanatic in their behavior font want to discuss this though. They only wish to discuss what she says she is and not what she HAS been. Keep in mind, Mrs Palin is far from the only embarrassment when in comes t modern-day politicians but she is among the worst. A one term governor(she quit during that term), she has the gall to boast of change and values when her behavior is quite the opposite. again, she quit while she was being investigated for more than a few ethics violations. Yes I accept the fact that some of them were probably politically motivated as these things often are, but every single one of them? Doubtful. She complained in the media, both during the election and after about leaving the candidates families out of public discussion yet paraded her own down syndrome affected child around stage, next to her soon to be pregnant 17-year-old daughter. Now im not saying everything Mrs Palin says or has done is wrong but let’s try to stick to the facts. She claims to be against “Big Oil” yet her husband is an employee of BP. Most of what she has said publicly that has garnered her support are statements made when she wasnt even a politician. She quit her only major job in our government but now speaks of being a possible presidential hopeful? What political position is regularly attacked more than the President? Is she going to quit if elected when her opponents attack her then? Mrs Palin, try following through just once in a serious government position before you think you’re qualified to lead us all. Un til then, you’re no different from Perez Hilton….another loud mouthed moron who is just a person, unelected, like most of the rest of us.


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