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Morning folks. Another day, another story about the supposed location of the most wanted terrorist in U.S. history. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that a man as connected as Bin Laden is (he worked along OUR CIA for many years, whole other story) has a lot of resources at his disposal to evade us, but at the same time it amazes me that for years I have read story after story talking about how this official and that government believe he is located here or there and they are WRONG EVERY TIME!! Dont like what I’m saying?? Then CATCH HIM!!! This man orchestrated a mass terror attack that literally altered the history of the United States, you would think this would be more of a priority. Then again you cant help but wonder if he’s even still alive or if they’re too embarrassed to say the truth, which is they have no idea where he is. Cmon people its been ten years….


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