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I found it very telling that Fox News, the supposed “Fair and Balanced” news network, for the second straight day ran a page leading article on their website focusing on how much money you’re going to lose if taxes go up( a talking point in many of the current Republican vs Democrats elections currently going on). This is exactly what my previous post describing the politically motivated reporting you receive from your so-called media sources.Now Im not saying that raising taxes is good or that it necessarily should or should not be done. What I am saying is this is a glaring example of FoxNews using their “news” station to push the Republican platform.Just as MSNBC, by not saying a word about the potential upcoming tax increase, is doing their best to not report anything that may hurt their Democrat buddies during these elections. This is just plain wrong people. These channels, if they are going to represent themselves as news stations, should burden a responsibility to report both sides of a story, not just slickly shovel you whichever political view they’re trying to brainwash the weak-minded to believe. Editorials are one thing but anyone who would try to say either of these stations is not choosing a side as opposed to providing facts should e seriously considered a dangerous person due to their lack of free thinking.


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