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Quick thought. I have always thought that there is an easy way to eliminate theft and corruption in our government. I think if you are an elected official and you are convicted of a felony related to abuse of your position( Fraud, embezzlement etc) that the penalty for such a crime should be a life sentence in jail. Now before you rush to judgement on this hear me out. There are few jobs in this country that affect as many people as a politicians does. The decisions and integrity of these people literally affect millions of hard-working Americans. Now last time I checked you can’t really “accidentally” steal money. You can’t “accidentally” commit wire fraud. I believe that the position our leaders are in is so important and affects so many people, that signing up for it should come with just as much penalty for taking advantage of the very people who put you there that it does advantage of being in that leadership position. Anybody who would argue against this penalty is ignoring the fact that there is virtually no possible way these crimes can accidentally happen.It just can’t. If you commit one of these cries while elected you are basically committing the equivalent of millions of counts of that crime because that’s how many people you are stealing from. If you or I as an average citizen walked in front of judge being charged with 2 million counts of wire fraud we would be locked up forever and when you are given great power it must come with great responsibility.I really hope I get a few thoughts out there from people on this because I truly believe if this was an enforced penalty in our country you would see the crimes committed and the spread of corruption drastically decrease simply out of fear of the repercussions and respect for how truly valuable your position as a politician is to this country and the hard working people who keep it running.


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