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This will be the first of what will be a daily blog on my site studying not the news stories themselves but instead the angles on which they are reported by various news sources. I believe it is very important to the well-being of the country that we receive facts from our media that are unbiased and, unless specifically part of an editorial, not based on a political viewpoint. Often the news we receive can be misleading in the fact that many media sources these days are not only politically motivated in their reporting but also run and operated by former politicians who retain their views from their days in office. There isn’t anything wrong with this if the information provided is in an editorial type form but when facts that are reported come across twisted and out of context to support one political view or another, we are getting into a very dangerous grey area.

Please keep in mind not every daily update will contain examples of this because my goal isn’t just to pick out stories that fall into this category but more so to try an establish the rate that your news is accurately reported to you.

The story I’ve chosen today concerns Republicans and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce fiercely hitting back fiercely against a White House attack that charges them with using foreign donations to help finance political ads for candidates in the upcoming congressional elections.Ive taken the time to explore how this story has been reported by MSNBC, FoxNews and CNN. I found that CNN had the headline “Obama a hypocrite, Rove says ” FoxNews went with Rove Wants to Meet White House “Idiot” who Dreamed Up Funding Attack and MSNBC went with Republicans fire back at Democrats’ ad claims . Now CNN tends to be in the middle most often and though all three reports basically presented the associated press version of this story I found it subtle yet telling that the Republican affiliated news channel(Fox) used the word “idiot” in their headline while MSNBC( typically slanted to the left) didn’t use Karl Rove’s name, Obama’s name or directly connect either to the topic in their headline. This may seem like nitpicking but I see it as a small yet significant example of the influence each stations political affiliation has on how they report. I also found it to be a small yet significant psychological point that Fox, who tends to be pro Republican, had this story listed near the top of their political page while MSNBC, who tends to support all Democrats blindly, had this potentially negative Democrat story near the bottom of their political listings.Again, small but significant facts. tomorrow I’ll follow-up on the continued coverage of this story and take a look at another current event news item that is politically involved to see if we re able to determine any kind of tangible pattern as todays examination had what I would say is a very small example of it. Yes it doesn’t prove much but when I report( so to speak) I try to stay unbiased and I’m never going to try to make something into a story that just isn’t there. That’s what having any kind of integrity is supposed to be about. Cya tomorrow!!


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