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Hey everyone. As I prepare myself today for an interview I have, I just wanted to voice a few thoughts about the current job hunting issues facing us today. At 36 years old I have found myself in a position where I was burned out as a salesman(something I’ve been doing since I graduated high school) and without any serious marketable skills to offer in society. This doesn’t mean Im not smart or talented but in today’s world its really tough out there if you do not have a degree. Tha being said I recently enrolled to continue to educate myself in the hopes of having a more stable career a year or two from now. Now just because I’m going to be a student as of January doesnt mean I can afford to be unemployed through that process. Duing my search for employmnt the last few months, I came to the realization that I was probably going to have to take a position that paid a little less than I liked and also a position that would typically go to someone alot younger than me. It hurts the pride a little I suppose, but having found a position, I’m just grateful to have a job and some income. This brings me to my main point. Though the job market is tough out there I wonder how many people who are unemployed or collecting an unemployment check (which I did not do) could be working but are too prideful to start at the bottom when they have been out in the workforce for years. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that its not an option for someone with bills to pay to take a job they know wont allow them to keep their house or car etc… but at the same time I get the feeling that alot of people are milking the system;i.e unemployment, just because they think theyre too good to stock shelves or make a burger.I hope to hear a few thoughts on this topic as it continues to be a main part of virtually every election going on in this country right now.


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