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A very simple request. I have tweeted out to as many “for congress” hopefulls I could find on twitter to ask them one simple question.

“Why should the voters believe you will be different that the current group of mostly dishonest, regularly corrupt men and women who are putting shame to the principles our government was founded on??”

Not a loaded question. One must only spend about 15 minutes online to find time after time after time where our current Congress representatives have lied, cheated and stolen from and to taxpayers and yet many remain in their position of priveldge.I only wish to see what the “next class” wnts to bring to the table. I know my blog isnt huge but I still want to see if  even one of these hopefulls can provide an answer to the above question while remaining in the realm of honesty and if they do, I will work tirelessly to spread their example of integrity anywhere I can.


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