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I saw a question on Twitter yesterday asking if people’s opposition to the legalization of marijuana was an economic or moral issue. I see it as neither. It’s hard to argue in todays society of allowing people to be destructive to themselves based on their right of choice, to justify alcohol being legal while pot remains illegal. As the youth of the last 20 years, many who have at least tried marijuana, continues to grow into today’s leaders, their personal experience with both is revealing what is an obvious fact to anybody who has tried both(I am one of those people). Alcohol contributes to a large percentage of auto fatlities and alcohol also unarguably affects the reasoning capabilities of an individual.While getting “high” definetly can inhibit a person, anyone who has tried pot knows that a stoned individual would NEVER take part in some of the out of character and often dangerous behavior that too much alcohol leads to. There are TV shows nowadays running clip after clip of drunk people doing things all of us know they would never do otherwise, just based on the fact of how stupid they are. Marijuana doesnt cause its users to wind up passing out on a street or not remembering how their car got in the front yard and with yesterdays youth reaching the age of leadership, its known from personal experience as a fact, not an opinion. Yes, both in excess are definetly not good for you but it’s reached a point in our society where its clear that alcohol is if anything more dangerous than pot and to try to argue, regardless of that fact, that marijuana should remain illegal and our tax dollars should continue to fund the prosecution of its users has become obviously ridiculous and completeley without merit. All that being said I wont even begin to get into the fact that the prescripiton drugs that are abused daily in this country are another example of something much worse than pot.Its time to face the facts.The people have spoken and they want marijuana legal. Its only a matter of time until the policy catches up with it.


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