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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Today Wikileaks, the online whistleblower so to speak, released 15,000 pages of Iraqi war documents that were labeled as “classified” and were denounced by the Pentagon. What the Pentagon should have been denouncing was themselves for continuing to show that they have little regard for human rights. As all their whore media outlets try to paint this leak as a bad thing I love the fact that there is more focus on the leak itself than the fact the papers show tens of thousands more Iraqi civilian deaths that the Pentagon was lying to you about. That’s what its come to folks. Youre government will break the rules, even kill people, and try to justify not letting you know about it as a matter of national defense. What a fucking joke these guys are. How does the American public knowing or not knowing about ten to fifteen thousand innocent civilians murdered( yes its murder, war doesn’t mean these deaths aren’t still murders) protect the country?? It doesn’t. It only protects those in power who continue to allow others to die for their own goals and needs. People can argue about terrorism and war all they like, you’re not going to be able to say that these civilian deaths are anything but cold-blooded murder. Just because you’re trying to kill someone war related nearby doesn’t give any man under God free rein to just lay waste to any other people in the area. If a police officer in this country needs to use his weapon in self-defense does that mean he should just be able to use an uzi and spray whoever is near the perp he’s after? No, and if he did he would be charged with a crime except in the most extreme examples. Apparently though, the American government sees foreign citizens as less than people and therefore expendabile. Just sickening. The only thing that gives me solace is the fact that in the afterlife these men and women and going to burn and I hope they don’t cry when it happens.


Morning folks. Its Wednesday October 20th and I thought I’d take a few paragraphs and look at what changes may be coming in the upcoming election. In the usual cyclical way that Washington works, the GOP should be taking a few seats back in the Congress, based on most information out there. For any of you who didn’t understand my cyclical comment, let me explain. Our system of government is a classic duopoly. You are provided with two choices, both of which appear to have different angles on leading us. Ask yourself this though…have the problems and issues changed as the Presidents and Congress political alignment has? The answer is a resounding NO. We, regardless of which party has “control” continue to have deficit issues, education issues, healthcare issues and social issues as we have had for years and years. Dont you ever wonder why these problems never go away when we kick out the guy who we don’t like and bring in the new one whose gonna fix everything? It’s because theyre not meant to go away! These parties may have different speeches opposing each other but in the end they all govern the same. They focus on maintaining their power, at the expense of the taxpayer and if they mess up who cares?? If you said you do, you’re a damn liar. If you cared you’d do something about it instead of blindly buying into the fact that the other side will make it all better. Theyre all the same people and ask yourself this….why, in the last 30 years, have we not seen another major political party pop up? Are you telling me every person in this country is either a hardcore Republican or Democrat? Again, WRONG and you know it. The truth is you think you have a choice but you don’t. The two parties fight among themselves but fight even more to not allow any alternative points of view to have enough of a chance to matter. The third parties will never get their foot in the door, other than the occasional trivial win, because every media source in this county is in bed like a whore with the two major parties. Every election out there, you see interviews with the candidates, but rarely do any with third-party representatives get any equal airtime at all. So when this seat or that seat changes here in the near future, I hope all my readers out there, even if it’s just a few, know in the hearts that in actuality, nothing has changed at all.

Morning gang. I wanted to write a little bit about on Mrs. Sarah Palin this morning an examine the phenomenon surrounding the loudness of her voice and the massiveness of the coverage given to her despite her actual lack of following. It’s funny how you can be disliked nowadays yet still be in everyone’s face , like it or not. Sarah Palin, in the time she has been in the public eye ( which was never before her being a surprise pick by John McCain) has proved to be the worst kind of politician. Almost a real life cartoon character complete with catch phrases and flashy speeches pumping up her followers but in the end another proven political failure who quit the only major elected position she had while under scrutiny for numerous ethics violations. With this being her background, in typical political fashion, she now wonders the country, attacking the politicians who are actually finishing their term and wanting the masses to believe she has some big secret about making everything right that none of us have ever considered.Where were all these great ideas when she was governor of Alaska? Her followers, mostly fanatic in their behavior font want to discuss this though. They only wish to discuss what she says she is and not what she HAS been. Keep in mind, Mrs Palin is far from the only embarrassment when in comes t modern-day politicians but she is among the worst. A one term governor(she quit during that term), she has the gall to boast of change and values when her behavior is quite the opposite. again, she quit while she was being investigated for more than a few ethics violations. Yes I accept the fact that some of them were probably politically motivated as these things often are, but every single one of them? Doubtful. She complained in the media, both during the election and after about leaving the candidates families out of public discussion yet paraded her own down syndrome affected child around stage, next to her soon to be pregnant 17-year-old daughter. Now im not saying everything Mrs Palin says or has done is wrong but let’s try to stick to the facts. She claims to be against “Big Oil” yet her husband is an employee of BP. Most of what she has said publicly that has garnered her support are statements made when she wasnt even a politician. She quit her only major job in our government but now speaks of being a possible presidential hopeful? What political position is regularly attacked more than the President? Is she going to quit if elected when her opponents attack her then? Mrs Palin, try following through just once in a serious government position before you think you’re qualified to lead us all. Un til then, you’re no different from Perez Hilton….another loud mouthed moron who is just a person, unelected, like most of the rest of us.

Morning folks. Another day, another story about the supposed location of the most wanted terrorist in U.S. history. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that a man as connected as Bin Laden is (he worked along OUR CIA for many years, whole other story) has a lot of resources at his disposal to evade us, but at the same time it amazes me that for years I have read story after story talking about how this official and that government believe he is located here or there and they are WRONG EVERY TIME!! Dont like what I’m saying?? Then CATCH HIM!!! This man orchestrated a mass terror attack that literally altered the history of the United States, you would think this would be more of a priority. Then again you cant help but wonder if he’s even still alive or if they’re too embarrassed to say the truth, which is they have no idea where he is. Cmon people its been ten years….

I found it very telling that Fox News, the supposed “Fair and Balanced” news network, for the second straight day ran a page leading article on their website focusing on how much money you’re going to lose if taxes go up( a talking point in many of the current Republican vs Democrats elections currently going on). This is exactly what my previous post describing the politically motivated reporting you receive from your so-called media sources.Now Im not saying that raising taxes is good or that it necessarily should or should not be done. What I am saying is this is a glaring example of FoxNews using their “news” station to push the Republican platform.Just as MSNBC, by not saying a word about the potential upcoming tax increase, is doing their best to not report anything that may hurt their Democrat buddies during these elections. This is just plain wrong people. These channels, if they are going to represent themselves as news stations, should burden a responsibility to report both sides of a story, not just slickly shovel you whichever political view they’re trying to brainwash the weak-minded to believe. Editorials are one thing but anyone who would try to say either of these stations is not choosing a side as opposed to providing facts should e seriously considered a dangerous person due to their lack of free thinking.

Quick thought. I have always thought that there is an easy way to eliminate theft and corruption in our government. I think if you are an elected official and you are convicted of a felony related to abuse of your position( Fraud, embezzlement etc) that the penalty for such a crime should be a life sentence in jail. Now before you rush to judgement on this hear me out. There are few jobs in this country that affect as many people as a politicians does. The decisions and integrity of these people literally affect millions of hard-working Americans. Now last time I checked you can’t really “accidentally” steal money. You can’t “accidentally” commit wire fraud. I believe that the position our leaders are in is so important and affects so many people, that signing up for it should come with just as much penalty for taking advantage of the very people who put you there that it does advantage of being in that leadership position. Anybody who would argue against this penalty is ignoring the fact that there is virtually no possible way these crimes can accidentally happen.It just can’t. If you commit one of these cries while elected you are basically committing the equivalent of millions of counts of that crime because that’s how many people you are stealing from. If you or I as an average citizen walked in front of judge being charged with 2 million counts of wire fraud we would be locked up forever and when you are given great power it must come with great responsibility.I really hope I get a few thoughts out there from people on this because I truly believe if this was an enforced penalty in our country you would see the crimes committed and the spread of corruption drastically decrease simply out of fear of the repercussions and respect for how truly valuable your position as a politician is to this country and the hard working people who keep it running.

This will be the first of what will be a daily blog on my site studying not the news stories themselves but instead the angles on which they are reported by various news sources. I believe it is very important to the well-being of the country that we receive facts from our media that are unbiased and, unless specifically part of an editorial, not based on a political viewpoint. Often the news we receive can be misleading in the fact that many media sources these days are not only politically motivated in their reporting but also run and operated by former politicians who retain their views from their days in office. There isn’t anything wrong with this if the information provided is in an editorial type form but when facts that are reported come across twisted and out of context to support one political view or another, we are getting into a very dangerous grey area.

Please keep in mind not every daily update will contain examples of this because my goal isn’t just to pick out stories that fall into this category but more so to try an establish the rate that your news is accurately reported to you.

The story I’ve chosen today concerns Republicans and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce fiercely hitting back fiercely against a White House attack that charges them with using foreign donations to help finance political ads for candidates in the upcoming congressional elections.Ive taken the time to explore how this story has been reported by MSNBC, FoxNews and CNN. I found that CNN had the headline “Obama a hypocrite, Rove says ” FoxNews went with Rove Wants to Meet White House “Idiot” who Dreamed Up Funding Attack and MSNBC went with Republicans fire back at Democrats’ ad claims . Now CNN tends to be in the middle most often and though all three reports basically presented the associated press version of this story I found it subtle yet telling that the Republican affiliated news channel(Fox) used the word “idiot” in their headline while MSNBC( typically slanted to the left) didn’t use Karl Rove’s name, Obama’s name or directly connect either to the topic in their headline. This may seem like nitpicking but I see it as a small yet significant example of the influence each stations political affiliation has on how they report. I also found it to be a small yet significant psychological point that Fox, who tends to be pro Republican, had this story listed near the top of their political page while MSNBC, who tends to support all Democrats blindly, had this potentially negative Democrat story near the bottom of their political listings.Again, small but significant facts. tomorrow I’ll follow-up on the continued coverage of this story and take a look at another current event news item that is politically involved to see if we re able to determine any kind of tangible pattern as todays examination had what I would say is a very small example of it. Yes it doesn’t prove much but when I report( so to speak) I try to stay unbiased and I’m never going to try to make something into a story that just isn’t there. That’s what having any kind of integrity is supposed to be about. Cya tomorrow!!

A very simple request. I have tweeted out to as many “for congress” hopefulls I could find on twitter to ask them one simple question.

“Why should the voters believe you will be different that the current group of mostly dishonest, regularly corrupt men and women who are putting shame to the principles our government was founded on??”

Not a loaded question. One must only spend about 15 minutes online to find time after time after time where our current Congress representatives have lied, cheated and stolen from and to taxpayers and yet many remain in their position of priveldge.I only wish to see what the “next class” wnts to bring to the table. I know my blog isnt huge but I still want to see if  even one of these hopefulls can provide an answer to the above question while remaining in the realm of honesty and if they do, I will work tirelessly to spread their example of integrity anywhere I can.

Good afternoon out there to the few loyal readers I may have (or may not…lol). I wanted to take a moment to virtually give a cyberchuckle to one Karl Rove (former Bush advisor) though I must stress that this laugh goes out to pretty much all currently campaigning politicians and hopefulls.His comments come the same day the DNC announced it is launching a national television ad targeting Rove and another former Bush aide, Ed Gillespie, over their involvement with an issue advocacy group called Crossroads GPS that by law – because it is established as a non-profit – does not have to reveal its donors. Mr Rove was quoted as saying ” Have these people no shame?”  “Does the president of the United States have such little regard for the office he holds that he goes out there and makes these kind of baseless charges against his political enemies? This is just beyond the pale. How dare the president do this?”

Now first off let me say it always makes me laugh when I hear a politician (which Rove is not and never has been) cry about what they call “baseless attacks” especially when virtually every comment that comes from either a Democrat or a Republican candidate of ANYTHING these days are the exact same things. Out of context, partial facts purposely twisted to make their opponent seem to be something , which in most cases on both sides, is only partially accurate. Everything about our political process these days is exactly that. In what is no big shock to anyone politically aware, Mr Rove defended himself on Fox news, which is an obvious Republican mouthpiece. Im sure that whenever the creator of this ad or their representative comes out to say the ad is completley true it will be, of course, on MSNBC. What we have here is a pattern of repetative brainwashing by both sides. They each have their own “news” channel where they line up their representatives to continously bombard you with the soundbyte of the week. All the while, the American people continue to suffer at the hands of BOTH of their corrupiton and failed policies. Cmon pople, when are we going to tire of this? For those of you who say we already have, think again, because they wouldnt keep doing it over and over if it wasnt working. Rinse and repeat people, rinse and repeat.

Hey everyone. As I prepare myself today for an interview I have, I just wanted to voice a few thoughts about the current job hunting issues facing us today. At 36 years old I have found myself in a position where I was burned out as a salesman(something I’ve been doing since I graduated high school) and without any serious marketable skills to offer in society. This doesn’t mean Im not smart or talented but in today’s world its really tough out there if you do not have a degree. Tha being said I recently enrolled to continue to educate myself in the hopes of having a more stable career a year or two from now. Now just because I’m going to be a student as of January doesnt mean I can afford to be unemployed through that process. Duing my search for employmnt the last few months, I came to the realization that I was probably going to have to take a position that paid a little less than I liked and also a position that would typically go to someone alot younger than me. It hurts the pride a little I suppose, but having found a position, I’m just grateful to have a job and some income. This brings me to my main point. Though the job market is tough out there I wonder how many people who are unemployed or collecting an unemployment check (which I did not do) could be working but are too prideful to start at the bottom when they have been out in the workforce for years. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that its not an option for someone with bills to pay to take a job they know wont allow them to keep their house or car etc… but at the same time I get the feeling that alot of people are milking the system;i.e unemployment, just because they think theyre too good to stock shelves or make a burger.I hope to hear a few thoughts on this topic as it continues to be a main part of virtually every election going on in this country right now.